Watch Tyler’s Take on the Bat Segway!

Yesterday, LEGO gave us a hint of what could be a part of the next The LEGO Batman Movie sets slated for 2018. Though apparently not a standalone set by itself, the Bat Segway is a pretty nice build that could be a part of any of the five (5) sets rumored to be included in TLBM’s third wave of releases.

Bat Segway

So before we (hopefully) see the Justice League in action, Egghead’s food fighting mech and the Condiment King’s team-up with Captain Boomerang, Brickshow’s master builder Tyler gives us his own take on the Bat Segway. The nice part of it, he also shows us how to build one in this latest tutorial. Watch this.

As Tyler mentioned, it’s quite easy and straightforward to make the Bat Segway since the parts are quite common and readily available save for the red wheel hubs or rims, and of course the Lobster-Lovin’ Batman. Though the red wheel hubs are not available, Tyler’s modifications are still spot on. His inclusion of a kickstand is a clever way of making the Bat Segway stand on its own, and adds a nice tilting effect on the build itself.


So what do you think brick fans, will you give this custom Bat Segway a try? Let us know in the comments below.


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