We Now Have Our First Look at the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Thor Ragnarok Sets… and They Absolutely Rock!

When I first saw Thor: Ragnarok’s official teaser trailer a few weeks ago, the one thing that captured my attention was the superb ‘storytelling’ of the Asgardian god himself and the hard-rockin’ tune that goes with it. Throw in some GOTG-style humor into the mix, and you have a teaser trailer that says, ‘this next Thor film will be helluva different!”//giphy.com/embed/xkzG4BR1iiyOI


The teaser itself gives several hints on what LEGO has in store for its Marvel Super Heroes line, and this time around, thanks to Brickset, we now know what these sets are. Check out their official box arts below.


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Ultimate Battle for Asgard (76084)


This set features the minifigures of Hela, Valkyrie, Bruce Banner, Thor, and two Berserkers. Interestingly, it also features a brick-built form of a wolf that closely resembles Fenrir, the mythological son of Loki, who is bound by the Norse gods until he breaks free on the day of Ragnarok. I guess this set depicts the climax of the film, similar to what LEGO does with Captain America: Civil War Super Hero Airport Battle (76051). I am also curious on why LEGO opted to have Hela mounted on a movable platform. Unless, the designers would like to make her look like Lord Business from the LEGO Movie (which I sincerely doubt), then I guess it is probably a cue on how this final battle will unfold. Another prominent feature of the set is the circular ship piloted by Valkyrie as she joins the fray. It’s kind of intriguing how her character will be instrumental in the fight for Asgard since we only see her ship (if she is indeed piloting this ship as the teaser trailer suggest) heading over to what seems to be a final showdown of sorts.

Thor Ragnarok pic1

Another thing that I noticed is that Thor’s minifigure form sports a glowing pair of blue eyes. Bruce Banner may likewise turn into the Hulk at any moment as hinted by his pair of glowing, green eyes as well.  As expected, Thor is still not wielding Mjolnir since the latter was single-handedly destroyed by Hela, but seeing him battle her forces head on without his mystical hammer and a with only a god-like rage on his face, with Banner along side that may turn anytime into the Hulk, this is one MCU film that will surely rock. We do not have a piece count as of the moment, but the price point for 76084 is set at USD49.99 or 54.99 Euros.


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Thor vs Hulk: Arena Clash (76088)


This set is a winner in itself probably because of the bigfig, gladiator version of the Hulk with all his armaments and war printing. One thing I noticed though is that Thor is missing some of the few weapons of his own, especially that screwdriver-like mace that he was holding at the start of their match. It will be a nice addition if LEGO has also included the shield that Thor was carrying if they intend the set to be a faithful representation of that particular scene.

Thor Ragnarok pic2

Though it may be nice to see Thor’s mace and the shield included in this set, I couldn’t help but feel that the god of thunder is in a strong disadvantage against the rampaging Hulk. Try battling an armored green monster with an oversized screwdriver and a garbage can for a shield and see how it might feel – well, you get the point. Set 76088 will retail for USD59.99 or 69.99 Euros.

Disney and Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok is slated to debut on the big screen on November 3, around the same time when Doctor Strange was released last year (November 4 to be exact), so we can probably expect these LEGO Marvel Super Hero Thor: Ragnarok sets to be out in the market sometime in August, same as when Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum (76060) was released.


UPDATE: It looks like the original article was removed by Brickset. We might probably do the same if we will hear official words from LEGO.




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