What LEGO Anniversary Sets Would You Like to See in 2018?

LEGO is now celebrating its 85th birthday this year, and as a sort of prelude of good things to come, it seems that 2018 will likewise be a great year, particularly for LEGO’s various classic and vintage themes. This piece of news (aka rumor) came from trusted LEGO insider and Eurobricks member Sir von Lego, with his take on what LEGO has in the works in line with the LEGO brick’s 60th anniversary next year.

According to Sir von Lego, there will be five specific sets to be released in commemoration of the iconic LEGO brick. He managed to have a glimpse of what the boxes look like at its early development stage, with all of them blacked out and without images as of the moment. However, what seems to stand out among these is a Creator-type box that looks exactly like a LEGO brick which is quite different from the usual. He also suggested that these five sets may also represent five different themes – which may, or may not represent vintage fan favorites such as Classic, Space, Castle, Town or Pirates. But of course, who wouldn’t want to see these sets again in all their classic glory?

It has been customary for LEGO to reboot some of its vintage sets, either as a free gift or accessory packs, such as the Classic Spaceman Minifigure (5002812), the Classic Knights Minifigure (5004419), and the Classic Pirate Set (850839) just to name a few.

5004419 1 5002812 1 850839 1

It is pretty exciting to see what TLG has in store for the 60th anniversary of the iconic LEGO brick. Perhaps a re-launch of one of these classic themes, or perhaps a D2C set centered around these vintage sets? We’ll cross our fingers as we wait for LEGO’s confirmation anytime soon.


Image credits for the 60th anniversary logo shown above goes to Jeep’s 60th anniversary editions.

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