World’s Largest LEGO Store Gets A Massive Makeover!

LEGO’s online store has just received a major overhaul and a great, new look. Following a minimalist re-design, the new site features vastly improved search options and better user experience, whether you’re using a home desktop computer or any mobile device. Watch the video demo below.

As it seems the new site takes advantage of its better functionality focusing on mobile and tablet users. Its improved search capabilities are complemented by its usual use of filters to narrow down your search. Even the filters offer a smooth, seamless experience. You may also opt to browse by various interests or themes to browse through the vast collection of LEGO sets that the site has to offer.

landing page

What do you think this redesign of LEGO’s online store? Are you OK with it? Share your comment below or visit our Facebook page to join in the discussions.

rebuilt shop 2

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