This 65,000-Piece Custom LEGO Concorde Will Amaze You

Custom LEGO Concorde

If you somehow broke your heart with the impressive 120,000-piece model of a sinking Titanic broken in half, which we reported earlier last week, then perhaps you’ll be equally amazed with the incredible details of yet another LEGO masterpiece from Australia’s one and only LEGO Certified Professional, Ryan McNaught.

This Jaw-Dropping Custom LEGO Concorde Set Clocks in at 65,000 Pieces!

This 65,000-piece, 4-meter-long, custom LEGO Concorde model of an Air France Concorde plane will surely impress you as much as the LEGO Titanic MOC. This brick replica even has cutaway details that reveal the entire supersonic plane’s inner workings and intricate details. The model went on display at the recently concluded 2016 Brickvention in Melbourne, Australia.

Designed and constructed by certified LEGO master Ryan McNaught and his team at The Brick Man, this custom LEGO Concorde is a replica of what was once the flagship of Air France took 188 hours to complete, and is made of 65,000 bricks. From end to end, this custom LEGO Concorde model measures 4 meters. Check out some of these photos so you can have a better grasp on the sheer size of this model.

custom lego concorde 2

custom lego concorde 4

custom lego concorde 1

The right side of this custom LEGO Concorde shows the flawless curves of the plane using intricate layering techniques. McNaught added more realism by installing neat little LED lights for the plane’s engines. The sweeter deal is when you move over to the left side, where a cutaway portion reveals how things work inside this magnificent plane.

The details on the passenger seats are very impressive, with McNaught installing 60 or more of them. There are also provisions for fuel, cargo, and the inclusion of a neat pantry at the custom LEGO Concorde rear galley (wait, is that a croissant?).


You may visit Ryan’s Flickr page to see more of his newest favorite plane, and other cool builds.

Ryan McNaught is the only LEGO Certified Professional in the entire Southern Hemisphere and is known for building some uniquely Australian creations including the world’s largest LEGO replica of the Sydney Opera House and a Qantas Airbus A380 model. As of today, there are only 13 LEGO Certified Professionals in the entire world.


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