WATCH: This Custom LEGO Vending Machine Serves A Bowl of Cereal in the Morning

Custom LEGO Vending Machine

Having a bright yellow custom LEGO vending machine greeting you in the morning may just be exactly what you need to perk up your day, much more if it serves you with a bowl of Cheerios.

Check Out This Astonishing Custom LEGO Vending Machine!

custom lego vending machine cheerios 01

This is exactly what Astonishing Studios came up with using LEGO Mindstorms  EV3 (31313). From the same creative minds that brought you the quirky custom LEGO McNuggets Vending Machine, the custom LEGO Vending Machine that dispenses Cheerios works in a similar fashion using LEGO Mindstorm electronic parts and pieces. writer James Whitbrook adds, “The machine doesn’t just dispense you a nice bowl of milk and cereal—in around 30 seconds, which isn’t half bad—it uses the Mindstorm pieces to also sort currency, as the machine will only accept 2 Euro coins, and nothing else. On top of that, the build itself is very nice, from the Cheerios color scheme to the cutesy little cereal display, and even a little slot that stores your spoons.”

custom lego vending machine
This ingenious custom LEGO vending machine not just stores Cheerios, but also spoons as well!

Cereal can be loaded in advance for early days when you simply don’t want to be bothered pouring a bowl of crunchy goodness yourself. Just don’t forget to check the milk and prepare some coins. Watch this cute custom LEGO vending machine demo video courtesy of Astonishing Studios and see if you want one.

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