Our Take on the Coolest Podcasts for LEGO Fans

Podcasts for LEGO Fans

If you’re like me who is pretty into music whenever I’m creating the next ‘big’ LEGO Idea concept (perhaps like a massive 18,000-piece custom LEGO Fortress of Solitude), or simply while sorting out my long, neglected LEGO bricks, having something to listen to focuses your energies at any task at hand. Perhaps an even better alternative is to listen to a podcast – much more if it is geared towards LEGO. As the BrickBlogger aptly observed, there are not many very dedicated podcasts for LEGO fans around, but there are some that are faithful to the craft. Here are some of them that are not just informative, but kind of funny and entertaining as well.

Jeff and James “All Sorted” LEGO Podcast

Whenever these two stay-at-home Canadian dads are not busy taking out the garbage or mowing the lawn, you can find them chatting their way running three separate podcasts: Breaking Dads which runs every Mondays dealing with the lighter side of parenting; Epic Gumdrop which talks about video gaming and airs every Fridays; and of course All Sorted every Wednesdays. Now on their 40th episode and going strong, this dynamic dad duo runs the show with such interest and zest that you’ll hardly notice that 20-30 minutes have passed already. With topics that are thoroughly researched, Jeff and James can communicate them in a way that is uniquely LEGO: fun and engaging. You can listen to their episodes via YouTube and iTunes.

Joshua Hanlon and Matthew Kay’s  “Beyond the Brick” LEGO Podcast

Joshua and Matthew started Beyond the Brick back in 2011 with the goal of having a thought or two from the world’s leading LEGO builders and designers and as a platform to showcase awesome LEGO MOCs. Highly respected within the LEGO community, the tandem has already produced more than 150 podcast interviews and sharing recent developments within LEGO’s brick world. Each episode is around 30 minutes to an hour and features some minimal video and images depending on the topics being discussed. You may catch them through their YouTube channel right here.

I hope you enjoy these cool podcasts for LEGO fans as much as I do. If you happen to stumble upon a similar LEGO podcast, be kind enough to hit the comment button and let us know.

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