Adult fans of LEGO (AFOLs) have something to look forward to this September. BrickCon 2016’s online registration is now open, with a sweet discount of almost 50% if you will register ahead on or before August 2, 2016. This year’s theme focuses on ‘Madness’ – as defined by the event’s organizer.

MADNESS – What is it?

Is it Anger? Hysteria? Absurdity? Foolishness? Mania? Delusion? Stupidity? Lunacy? Craziness?

Explore what MADNESS means to you.

Build something to show us your MADNESS!


BrickCon is a four-day convention for AFOLs, collectors, and builders of anything LEGO that will run from September 29 until October 2, 2016 at the Seattle Center. Traditionally held in Seattle, Washington for 15 years, BrickCon is attended by LEGO enthusiasts all over the US and even from around the world, and is considered as the longest running fan-based LEGO convention.

Registered participants have the chance of showing off their outstanding MOCs (My Own Creation), join in building activities and games, and giveaways such two (2) engraved, customizable 1×8 bricks (1 Yellow w/Black ink and 1 Blue w/White ink) for each Registrant plus the Red “BrickCon 2016″ brick if they register on or before September 18.

Take note however that registration for BrickCon’s Private Convention is exclusive to participants 18 years old and above, or 14-17 years if accompanied by a registering adult companion. Children and the general public may likewise have a share of the fun through BrickCon’s public exhibition days in October 1 and 2 where they can observe astounding creations and meet the terrific builders behind them to learn some of their techniques.

Here are some photos from BrickCon’s previous events to whet our brick building appetites.

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Source: The Brick Fan

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