Two weeks ago, we reported on the set numbers, piece count and pricing of LEGO’s upcoming Rogue One Sets to be released tentatively around September, or three months before the film debuts in US theaters on December 16. Following several rave reviews and analysis of Rogue One’s official trailer after it was released last Thursday, we had our first hand look at the characters, vehicles, and scenes that can have the potential of being included as part of the 5 LEGO Rogue One Sets, and 3 buildable figures. Brickset did an excellent job in coming up with a list of suggested sets that may appear in LEGO Rogue One based on the movie’s official teaser trailer.

Now gives us another reveal to look forward to, this time the official product packaging that will follow for its lines of Rogue One toys, collectibles, and other memorabilia. Take a look at its visually powerful packaging.


The packaging follows a predominantly black and blue color scheme and prominently displays the logo of the Empire. It also shows the newest trooper to be added in the Star Wars canon: a never-before-seen black Death Trooper (aka Shadow Trooper) known to be an elite special forces team within the Imperial Army that are usually summoned when things go out of hand. The war machine that is also featured on the packaging is the iconic Imperial land behemoth, the All Terrain Armored Transport or the mighty AT-AT. Similar to other Star Wars set scheduled to be released this year and from those of 2015, the packaging will also have Disney’s logo printed on the lower right corner of the box.

We’ll keep you posted for more updates here at the Brick Show, and in case you want to see it again, here’s the first official teaser of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

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