This Exclusive, Limited Edition Commander Cody Maxi Figure May Become The Most Expensive Lego Set Ever.

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I just happen to stumble upon this post by Minifig Price Guide, and frankly speaking, this maxi figure of Commander Cody did not initially appeal to me and I was honestly planning to dismiss it – not until I saw the story behind this one.

Back in 2008, Toys R Us teamed up with LEGO in a raffle to celebrate to launch of the animated TV series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The prize: an exclusive maxi-figure rendition of Clone Commander Cody as he is seen in his minifigure version in LEGO Star Wars Republic Attack Gunship 7676.

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LEGO came up with only 32 of these ultra rare maxi-figures, 12 of which landed in TRU stores in UK. Each Commander Cody maxi-fig comes marked with a label underneath its right foot showing its unique model number. Several sites like From Bricks to Bothans and Jedi News also mentioned this collectible in 2008.

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An entry form is used for the raffle which looks like the one below. Take note that the fine print on the back (i.e. Terms and Conditions) specifically mentioned that photocopied entry forms are not allowed, which adds weight to the value of this collectible. There was no online version of this form as well.

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Okay, for sure this is one unique LEGO set that may be ranked among the rest of highly valuable and pricey LEGOs around. I never understood the extent of its value until I saw the eBay page where it is being auctioned. Currently as of this writing, this Limited Edition LEGO Commander Cody is at its highest bid of $11,800, with 4 days left before bidding closes. I have to double-check on what could be the most expensive piece of LEGO set that was auctioned or bought. The only condition is that it must be a complete LEGO set and not just any particular piece or a minifigure. Currently, my research led me to the LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon 10179 that is currently valued at $4,4307.

The seller posted the following info about the Commander Cody maxi-figure.

This is one of the rarest Star Wars LEGO pieces you will ever see. This is Commander Cody No. 15 of 32 made in the world. In Europe, only 12 were released and this was made exclusively for Toys R Us competition in 2008. It comes with its own identity number and authenticity certificate and a blank original entry form for the completion. You won’t see another one like it, it will be the centerpiece of your Star Wars LEGO collection. Feel free to ask any questions and I am open to sensible offers , International bidders postage will be tracked and cost will depend on where it being sent. After the winning bid , I will let you know what it will cost , I’m not into making money on postage so what it cost will be exactly what you pay. Happy bidding!

Here’s LEGO/TRU’s official description:

Commander Cody serves as Obi-Wan’s second-in-command of the 212th Attack Battalion and places duty above all else.

To celebrate the launch of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Toys R Us has teamed up with LEGO to give 12 lucky winners the chance to own one of these exclusive limited edition Commander Cody figures.

There are only 32 of these figures in the world! Each figure is 30 cm high by 18 cm wide, built out of LEGO bricks and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Each has its own unique number, which can be found on a label on one of Commander Cody’s feet.

The seller claims that this LEGO Commander Cody No. 15 comes with its Certificate of Authenticity as it is given by TRU.

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Here are more pictures of Commander Cody’s LEGO iteration.

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We’ll watch the developments on this exclusive maxi-figure over the next few days. If the eBay auction happens to be successful, then we’ll see if this ultra rare Commander Cody will earn a spot on the world’s priciest and most valued LEGO collectible ever.

So stay tuned here at the Brick Show for more updates.

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