Since the news broke out that LEGO’s hottest CMF– the Disney Collectible Minifigures 71012 – was spotted early on ahead of its May 1 release, there has been a lot of ‘unboxing’ photos and first hand looks that have popped over the Internet, including the CMF’s box distribution.

One of our reliable sources, Sophia of LCC Builders, shared an excellent review of LEGO Disney’s CMF. Sophia gave a very comprehensive review of each of the 18 minifigures included in the series, with a 360 degrees close up photos of each. We’re posting her photos here, but we highly suggest that you visit LCC Builder’s site for a complete description of each. The site is in Dutch, but a quick Google translate will do the trick.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse 

Bestand-10-04-16-01-51-38 Bestand-11-04-16-15-29-19 Bestand-10-04-16-01-51-47 Bestand-10-04-16-01-51-57Bestand-10-04-16-01-50-27 Bestand-11-04-16-15-29-32 Bestand-10-04-16-01-50-40 Bestand-10-04-16-01-52-10

Donald Duck and Daisy Duck

Bestand-10-04-16-01-50-05 Bestand-11-04-16-15-27-30 Bestand-10-04-16-01-50-16 Bestand-10-04-16-02-08-45Bestand-10-04-16-01-49-45 Bestand-11-04-16-15-28-15 Bestand-10-04-16-01-49-56 Bestand-10-04-16-02-08-29


Ariel and Ursula

Bestand-10-04-16-01-46-51 Bestand-10-04-16-01-47-01 Bestand-11-04-16-15-27-01 Bestand-10-04-16-01-47-12 Bestand-10-04-16-01-46-13 Bestand-10-04-16-01-48-51 Bestand-11-04-16-15-28-29 Bestand-10-04-16-01-49-03

Peter Pan and Captain Hook

Bestand-10-04-16-01-46-39 Bestand-10-04-16-01-48-26 Bestand-11-04-16-15-26-26 Bestand-10-04-16-01-48-37 Bestand-10-04-16-01-50-51 Bestand-10-04-16-01-51-07 Bestand-11-04-16-15-26-18 Bestand-10-04-16-01-51-20


Alice and Cheshire Cat

Bestand-10-04-16-01-49-14 Bestand-10-04-16-01-49-23 Bestand-11-04-16-15-27-18 Bestand-10-04-16-01-49-36 Bestand-10-04-16-01-58-51 Bestand-11-04-16-15-29-58 Bestand-10-04-16-01-59-09


Mr. Incredible and Syndrome

Bestand-10-04-16-01-47-33 Bestand-10-04-16-01-47-57 Bestand-11-04-16-15-25-27 Bestand-10-04-16-01-48-08 Bestand-10-04-16-01-57-01 Bestand-11-04-16-15-26-09 Bestand-10-04-16-01-57-42 Bestand-10-04-16-01-57-56


Aladdin and Genie

Bestand-10-04-16-01-54-25 Bestand-10-04-16-01-54-34 Bestand-11-04-16-15-26-38 Bestand-10-04-16-01-54-45 Bestand-10-04-16-01-53-26 Bestand-10-04-16-01-53-39 Bestand-11-04-16-15-27-43 Bestand-10-04-16-01-54-12


Buzz Lightyear and Pizza Planet Alien

As mentioned in other reviews, LEGO’s choice of headpiece for this Buzz Lightyear minifig is a little off and puts a damper on the rest of the fine details on the minifigure. It will be nice if LEGO opted to retain the original moulded head of our highflying spaceman as seen in from LEGO’s Toy Story sets such as LEGO Toy Story Woody and Buzz to the Rescue 7590. After all, they used the same head for the Pizza Planet Alien as seen from previous Toy Story sets.

Bestand-10-04-16-01-55-24 Bestand-11-04-16-15-25-02 Bestand-10-04-16-01-55-42 Buzz-Lightyear Bestand-10-04-16-01-54-57 Bestand-11-04-16-15-30-23 Bestand-10-04-16-01-55-11 Bestand-10-04-16-02-14-54


The next two minifigs are my personal favorites, being a fan of the little blue alien and the dignified royal look that Maleficent has in her minifigure rendition.


Bestand-10-04-16-01-58-16 Bestand-11-04-16-15-28-03 Bestand-10-04-16-01-58-32


Bestand-10-04-16-01-53-09 Bestand-10-04-16-01-52-40 Bestand-11-04-16-15-28-44 Bestand-10-04-16-01-52-53


We’re certainly excited to have our hands over these minifigures. We still have less than three weeks before the Disney CMF is officially released here in the US, for the meantime be sure to stay tuned here at Brick Show for the latest LEGO news, product updates and reviews.

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