The ‘smallest press conference in the world’ was held by LEGO last Tuesday to formally introduce its Team DFB in their minifigure renditions. Reporters and cameramen were in frenzy when the 15 man team was called on stage and introduced to the world for the very first time. LEGO also disclosed in the press conference that the Team DFB 71014 will be available in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland starting May 14.

Those who were present in the ‘press conference’ were fortunate enough to be a part of this monumental reveal, and as if being a part of this momentous event is not enough, every ‘reporter’ present in the press conference were given an exclusive ‘press kit edition’ of LEGO DFB Collectible Minifigures 71014. Michael Frederick of Promobricks shared his experience with this exclusive by uploading an unboxing video when he received his very own press kit. According to Frederick, the special ‘press kit edition’ were delivered to his place via a DHL delivery sent by LEGO from Munich, Germany. It includes an introductory letter from LEGO, and a blue and yellow LEGO utility box containing a promotional flyer, a USB stick in the form of a debit card that sports a LEGO DFB design, and five goody blind bags of the Team DFB minifigures. Watch the video below.


As revealed by zusammengebaut.com in their unboxing video from yesterday, Frederick also posted a picture of what’s inside the random blind bags: 6 minifigure elements that includes a minifig base plate, a soccer ball, headpiece, head accessory, torso and legs. It also has an A5 sized package insert that lists all the minifigures included in LEGO DFB Minifigures 71014.


Frederick was kind enough to take the extra mile of scanning the package insert and uploading it in high-res format.


As mentioned in the ‘press conference’ the LEGO DFB Minifigure 71014 will retail at 2.99 Euros or around 3 US dollars. So what do you think about LEGO’s latest sports-themed CMF? Do you wish to add these minifigs to your collection? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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