Take a Look at Blocks Magazine Issue #19 Official Press Release and Preview

Blocks Issue 19 press

Yesterday we announced that Blocks Magazine issue #19 will be out in the UK beginning Thursday this week. The good thing though that interested subscribers in the US may also receive a copy of this latest issue by heading over at Wild Card Toys where they have plenty of this in stock together with some back issues as well.

This time around, BlocksMag.com just published its official press release for their latest issue, with some snippets on what to expect from its pages.

“Captain America and Iron Man dominate the cover of this month’s Blocks magazine and for good reason. Inside there’s eight pages of new, inspirational LEGO builds for Marvel’s iconic giants. We’ve collected them from around the world and dissected them and now it’s up to you to choose your favourite. Of course with LEGO launching their own themed sets we review those too – there’s some surprises.

“But it’s not all grand builds as we look at how microscale can create some incredible models with Cole Blaq’s Speeder Bike (just 74 bricks) and Sebastien Bouju’s abstract take on Captain America – he gets everywhere doesn’t he!

014-015BLKS issue 19

“If microscale has you reaching for your glasses how about trying your hand at 1:1 scale. That’s literally what Taylor Walker did when he created Captain America’s life sized shield. There’s definitely a theme developing here. 

“There’s a lot of fans of the LEGO Quinjets and if you’re one we’ve something very special for you, a novel solution from Chris Wright to build the ultimate Quin. Become a jet engineer with us this month.


“Our review section has the new Batcave and Livi’s Pop Star House and you can see in our new Review ‘Cool Wall’ Score Board compiled from every review we’ve ever done, one of those sets breaks new records.

“We also have LEGO’s latest releases, showcases from around the world, how to invest in LEGO and make money, building techniques guides, custom minifigs, show reports, interviews, nostalgic LEGO and much more besides (did we mention the alternative way to Blacktron on a Budget, or the new Ideas Maze, or Jungle Book in bricks? No we didn’t have space here, sorry).

“So get out to the shops and pick up issue 19 now or go to the subscription page to secure your copy. Remember many previous issues have sold out, so don’t delay.


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