This is How LEGO’s Unikitty May Look Like in the Real World



2014’s groundbreaking film, The LEGO Movie introduced us to the wacky, cross-dimensional worlds of Emmet, Wyldstyle, Batman, Vitruvius and so much more. The film is an excellent take on how the world of bricks can eventually crossover with our world with just a little bit of imagination. I guess this is what University of Canterbury, associate professor Christopher Bartneck has in mind when he envisioned the iconic Unikitty straight from Cloud Cuckoo Land arriving at his place in New Zealand. Standing beside his 30,000-piece, 6-feet rendition of Unikitty makes you feel shrunk up to minifig scale.

unitkitty life size 03 unitkitty life size 02


With a pair of adorable, sparkling eyes, Prof. Bartneck’s Unikitty easily captured her original form and color as seen from the movie. I reckon he never used so much pink LEGO bricks in his entire life. Equally, or perhaps even more impressive than the sheer size and accuracy of his MOC is the fact that Unikitty’s almost 2kg head can actually turn at 180 degrees using just a standard LEGO technic motor mounted on her neck. Now that is what we call real power function. Watch this.

Unikitty’s gigantic head impressively turns using Prof. Bartneck’s LEGO compatible thrust ball bearing. Using 30 standard 14.2mm LEGO balls sandwiched inside his custom-built circular plates, enables a basic LEGO motor to turn Unikitty’s enormous head. Watch this video of Prof. Bartneck’s clever solution.

lego-ball-bearing-2 lego-ball-bearing-6

If you like Prof. Christopher Bartneck’s life-sized Unikitty, be sure to check his Flickr page for more of his LEGO creations.


Thanks Brother Brick for sharing Prof. Bartneck’s life-sized Unikitty MOC.

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