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We’re now a week away from the official release of LEGO’s Disney Collectible Minifigure series 71012, and for the past weeks since the report of its early release in some parts of Europe, many good souls have shared their honest reviews and close up images, early sightings in the US, and even a must have ‘feel guide’ to find your way in each of the box’s 60-piece blind bags.


To celebrate the magic of Disney rendered in LEGO minifigure forms, Bricks Magazine has kindly released an 18-page, digital copy of their Disney Collectible Minifigure Guide 2016 – for free. This wonderfully done e-magazine is filled with interesting facts about each of 18 Disney characters included in the CMF, plus some helpful info on new pieces and moulds included in the set. Getting your free copy of this handy guide is quite easy: simply create an account by clicking here and enter a valid email address and other usual details. Once your email has been verified, you can now access their free guide along with some teasers from previous Bricks Magazine issues. Here are some of the things that you may find in their free Disney CMF Guide.

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If you like the free guide, and wish to subscribe to Bricks Magazine, you may head over to their online store and choose from either print or digital editions of their current or back issues. Here’s what Bricks Magazine has to say about LEGO’s Disney CMF 71012:


The latest sub-theme of collectible minifigures focuses on iconic Disney characters and is sure to appeal greatly to the masses.

The collectible minifigure series has been a firm favorite amongst fans since their introduction in 2010. The concept of blind bags has proved incredibly popular leading to the common sight of collectors rummaging through boxes in shops, feeling their way through packets to get that missing figure. Each release consists of 16 assorted themed figures to collect, with some much harder to find than others. As a result of their popularity and success in recent years, we have seen additional sub themes released between series, including a Olympics GB squad of nine, a LEGO movie range and two series of the Simpsons. However, the latest sub-theme of 18 Disney characters already has fans knocking on the shop doors in eager anticipation.

We have been lucky enough here at Bricks HQ to get our hands on this amazing range of Disney characters early and thought we would give you the full lowdown of what to expect. As mentioned there are 18 figures to collect in this release and all characters are paired up, with the exception of Maleficent and Stitch who stand alone. The first thing that is very clear upon looking at the collection is that LEGO have gone all-out to make these characteristic and reflective of their screen counterparts as possible. There are plenty of new pieces and moulds in this range, from the horned hat of Maleficent and hair of Ariel to the polka dot dress of Minnie Mouse and the tentacle leg piece of Ursula.

The level of detail is certainly impressive and it really is hard to pick a favorite in the range as they all stand out in their own right. The selection of characters is excellent as they haven’t gone for the default classic characters and inclusion of Toy Story and The Incredibles gives this range a much broader appeal beyond what most would consider the default Disney characters. This was emphasized when passing the range around the office, not one member of the team picked the same figure as their favorite, which is a testament to the appeal this range has.

Enjoy our guide to this great selection.


Thanks Brick Fanatics for the tip.

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