Another LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse Minifigure Misprint Surfaces

mickey with no eyes

It’s quite unusual to see these misprints happening with LEGO’s Disney CMF, more so if this is the second time that happens on the same minifig line. Unlike the first misprint that went up for sale at eBay for almost a thousand dollars, this second find will not be for sale anytime soon.

blind mickey post


Minifig Price Guide was kind enough to share this Facebook post from Sherry Snowman that shows how Mickey may have looked like without his eyes. Frankly speaking, on its own, this misprint is kind of spooky and as one FB user comments, it’s the kind of stuff that “fuels nightmare”.  It’s kind of harsh, but compared to the previous one that was listed on eBay with its funny looking sideway glance, this minifigure misprint (or the lack of it) will make Mickey Mouse a welcome visitor to Silent Hill. Others were kind though with their comments, with one suggesting having two more of these misprints to have a trio of blind mice – a good point actually if I can say so myself.



Kidding aside, Snowman made it clear that she has no plans of selling this rare LEGO Disney minifigure anomaly. Like any other collector, it will be nice to know if there is any potential market for this one and if so, how far can it rise in terms of value.

So what do you think about this rare misprint? What are your thoughts about this? Hit the comments button and share your thoughts.

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