Congratulations to LEGO Ideas Voltron – Defender of the Universe for Hitting the 10K Mark!

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This is one phenomenal example of a bright idea, when done passionately right, will eventually yield the rally and support of the masses – in this case, 10,000 of them. In just two weeks, len_d69’s LEGO Ideas entry Voltron – Defender of the Universe earned the needed 10k support to proceed to the next LEGO Ideas Review Stage. When we first saw this entry two weeks ago, we just know in ourselves that LEGO has to make this one – this is one Voltron MOC that impeccably does it right.

Much has been added by len_d69 (or Lendy) to his LEGO Ideas Voltron entry since it was submitted last April 11. Here are some of the new features that he added, rendered in LEGO Digital Designer (LDD).

Voltron Force Minifigures

The famed six members of the Voltron force are now rendered in minifigure form. It looks like they have dual printed head pieces and a great selection of hair pieces as well.

Update 7 Update 6



Voltron is only as good as the weapons he wields. His iconic Blazing Sword is supplemented with a nicely detailed shield.

Update 3 Update 5 Update 4


Improvements in Articulation

By using ratchet joints in lieu of ball joints, len_d69’s Voltron MOC becomes more stable and posable, able to hold the weight of both the Red and Green lions. Though we don’t have the actual piece count for each lion, we can assume that such build commands an average of 200-300 pieces per build. That’s takes a toll on any ball joint which has to support both arms in order to be posed in desired angles. The additional spurs behind Voltron’s legs (both on Yellow and Blue lions) also provide additional support when the MOC is displayed in an upright position.

Update 2 Update 1

LDD Renders of Each Lion

Here are additional images of each Voltron lion rendered in LDD.

black lion red lion green lion blue lion yellow

We wish len_d69 all the best as we wait for LEGO Idea’s official comments upon his reaching 10K support. We sure hope that the LEGO Review Board will give the thumbs up on this great idea during its Second Review for 2016 sometime in October – with the first currently on going this month of May.

In the meantime, be sure to check len_d69’s Facebook page for some his other great MOCs dedicated to the 80s mecha. Here are some images from his page to whet your appetite.

grandizer daimos voltes


fight of the century




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2 thoughts on “Congratulations to LEGO Ideas Voltron – Defender of the Universe for Hitting the 10K Mark!”

    1. Hi there Kevin! May I ask, are you looking for minifigures that accompany the new LEGO Ideas Voltron (21311) set, or for customs? The former, official LEGO Ideas set does not have minifigures of the original Voltron Force (which I really, really hoped LEGO did). However, there are a handful of custom LEGO minifigure designers out there in the LEGO community that might be able to help if you really want to have a minifigure set of the Voltron Force.

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