Images and Building Instructions for LEGO Star Wars “Escape the Space Slug” May the 4th Exclusive

Starting April 30 and running until May 4, selected LEGO VIP customers will be treated with a very rare goodie – one of 3,500 to be exact – which is the LEGO Star Wars May the 4th exclusive, “Escape the Space Slug” set. Since Saturday, a lot of LEGO VIP customers already received this unnumbered and untitled exclusive that comes free for every minimum purchase of $150 of any LEGO Star Wars merchandise. With only 3,500 sets ever released and distributed to over 120 LEGO Stores worldwide, it will not come as a surprise if this set appears on eBay at very ridiculous prices. Do take note that the chance to own this set comes by invitation only, with 25 or so invites per LEGO Store as reported by Promobricks. You also need to spend a certain amount of LEGO purchases as a VIP member in order to receive the invitation via email.

Christian Giudici of Promobricks posted a bunch of close up pictures and a cool speed build video showcasing this exclusive set straight from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Take a look at these images.

space_slug_review_1 space_slug_review_2

One thing that is obvious right from the start is the lack of any set number or title on its glossy, cardboard packaging. The building instructions don’t indicate any set number as well, though with some of the sets given away in the US the number of parts is indicated on the box which is at 161 pieces.

space_slug_review_8 space_slug_review_9 space_slug_review_7 space_slug_review_6 space_slug_review_4

As you may see, the build is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of time to be built. It’s nice to see how LEGO managed to present the Millennium Falcon as it escapes the jaws of the mammoth Exogorth. Well for obvious reasons, the scaling is not really spot-on considering that you only have 161 pieces to work with but still, I don’t have any qualms about a rare exclusive set given away for free.  Here’s a 90-second, speed build video of the LEGO Star Wars Escape the Space Slug set courtesy of Promobricks.

If you missed this chance of owning this exclusive, Eurobricks forum member Dorothy Vader was kind enough to upload a pdf file of its building instructions if you want to recreate this iconic Star Wars escape scene. Most of its parts are pretty basic, with some of it you may already have. A quick visit at Brick Link will help you speed things up if you wish to have the parts exactly as they are. You may download the building instructions right here.

In closing, be sure not to miss out on another free May the 4th treat which is the LEGO Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper (30602) minifigure. This polybag exclusive is available to all customers for a minimum, single purchase receipt of $50 for any LEGO Star Wars merchandise at any LEGO Store or until May 4, Wednesday or until supplies last.


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