Fourth LEGO Marvel Captain America Civil War Set 76067 Finally Found!


Over the course of the weekend, Eurobricks member Jacob_9821 finally gave us our first look of the highly anticipated fourth Captain America Civil War set, the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Tanker Truck Takedown 76067 which we previously mentioned as one of the sets that we’re still waiting to see this summer. Thanks to Jacob_9821, we now have these images.

76067_02 76067_01

76067 looks great at so many points. First off, we finally have our newest minifigure version of Spider-Man as we see him in the Civil War. For most of us, this is one Spidey that we will definitely add to our roster of most wanted minifigures. Then we have another minifig rendition of Vision which we first had in The Avengers Quinjet City  Chase 76032 – a larger set as compared to 76067. We also have a newer version of Hawkeye with a purple vest that perfectly matches his similarly colored motorcycle. His bike itself is a great build that closely resembles that of Captain America’s Motorcycle 30447. Finally, Tanker Truck Takedown 76067 is a great complement to Super Hero Airport Battle 76051 as it depicts that epic scene where the Avengers are forced to fight each other.

This fourth Civil War set wraps up everything that we know so far about LEGO’s releases under this theme, and is expected to be a retailer exclusive. Stephen made an interesting set analysis of the first three sets from Civil War, highlighting the best features among them. Tom also wrote an excellent article on the accuracy of these sets as compared to the actual scenes that were depicted in the film. Be sure to take a look at these superb commentaries and share us what you think about the LEGO Civil War collection in the comments below.

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