LEGO 2016 Rio Olympics Mascots (40225) Building Instructions Now Available


Were exactly three months away from the opening ceremonies of the 2016 Rio Olympics, all happening of course in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This may have slipped past our radar, but LEGO joins in the festivities by rendering this year’s Olympic mascots – Vinicius and Tom – in LEGO brick form. They’re the official cartoon figures for the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics respectively.


Vinicius and Tom’s LEGO counterparts first appeared last October of 2015, and are said to be available this May. Frankly speaking, most LEGO fan reactions were quite skewed to the not-so-happy-and-excited-about-it side considering the look and build of these figures. Some even liken them to an oversized Mixel, with the stickers adorning some of the pieces instead of being an actual print considering the importance and prominence of the Olympics sporting event. According to the Rio Olympics website, these commemorative LEGO sets will be offered this month, presumably only in Brazil, though the price is not yet disclosed.

vinicius_lego tom

Ahead of its expected sale this month, LEGO has published a pair of building instructions for both Vinicius and Tom through their LEGO Customer Services. You may follow the links below to download these instructions in case you want to build them on your own.

Download building instructions for Vinicius right here.

Download building instructions for Tom right here.

As mentioned earlier, these builds may look more similar to the Mixels line but given the numerous jointed parts and other unique pieces that come along with these sets, it might still be a good catch. After all, it’s the Olympics.


Thanks to Brickset for the heads up.

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