LEGO Star Wars Rogue One Buildable Figures Named

Last March, we had our first piece of news on the pricing and piece count of upcoming LEGO Star Wars sets based on the spin-off movie, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. With 5 sets and 3 buildable figures identified, there has been a lot of speculation on who and what scenes or vehicles will make it to the cut to be rendered in brick form.


Thanks to some forum members over at Eurobricks, we now have what seems to be our first legit confirmation of what some of these will be, particularly among the 3 buildable figures that were earlier mentioned. If you recall, these sets have been listed among the database of certain German online toy retailers a few months ago. The characters from Rogue One that we will soon see in their LEGO Buildable figures are Jyn Erso, a Deathtrooper (this is how they are being called recently), and the Imperial enforcer droid turned Rebel alliance operative named K-250.

Again we’re just getting bits and pieces of info on this, starting with its pricing and piece count as listed below. We also don’t have any official images as of now to confirm what serial number is assigned to which set, except for what could be as the possible box art for LEGO Rogue One.

LEGO Star Wars: Rogue One 75119 – (?) 104 pieces; $24.99

LEGO Star Wars: Rogue One 75120 – (?) 169 pieces; $24.99

LEGO Star Wars: Rogue One 75121 – (?) 106 pieces; $24.99

We’ll keep you updated as more news comes in so be sure to stay tuned here at the Brick Show. 

Source: Brick Fan

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