WATCH: This Rogue One Trailer Recreated in LEGO Bricks Is A Perfect Star Wars Day Tribute


Everyone has their own way of honoring the most celebrated Star Wars Day of the year, one which has been very much a part of our popular culture. For a group of like-minded stop-motion animators bound together for the love of the LEGO brick, it didn’t take too long before they struck the idea on what they can add to this celebrated occasion.

The plan: come up with the coolest trailer remake of the latest Star Wars film to watch out this year. The result: an absolutely stunning, impressively accurate, LEGO recreation of the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer that feels like déjà vu. What is probably more amazing is that this team of animators called Animators Collective led by Christopher Gearhart of Bricks Brought to Life, and Kevin Ulrich of Brotherhood Workshop, only needed three weeks to pull off this feat. Don’t assume that this is hastily done, because the quality of the effects and animation they achieved in such a short time is not a shoddy one. Every scene and every frame of this minute and half trailer has been perfectly replicated using LEGO pieces. Watch this.

They were also kind enough to include a side-by-side comparison video of the original Rogue One trailer to that of its LEGO version. The result is simply astounding. Bricks Brought to Life also released a VFX Breakdown video that shows several behind-the-scenes shot and visual effects that they used in staying true to the original trailer. You might even be surprised about the clever techniques that they use.


Source: The Brothers Brick

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