We Made It To The Guinness World Records!

The Brick Show Team was in Richmond, Virginia for another fun-filled weekend at Brick Fest Live last Saturday and Sunday and this time, the team was not just there to provide another awesome Brick Show Experience. Together with a crowd of cheering fans and supporters, we’ve set to embark on a new Guinness World Record where one of our team members eventually bagged a title! Read on to know the details.

Hosted by Guinness World Records Live’s coach Paul Wiggins and adjudicated by official Guinness World Records judge, Kaitlin Holl, the attempt was streamed live via Guinness’ Facebook page. The official world record attempt is composed of three separate categories: fastest time to build a LEGO pyramid, a large LEGO brick stack, and three minifigures.

First off were Jason and Stephen as they attempted to set a new world record as having the fastest time in building a six level LEGO pyramid using 21 bricks. The rule is straightforward: they must be able to build a symmetrical pyramid by placing 2×4 LEGO bricks on a standard base plate and they must do so by alternately placing one brick at a time. Eventually they finished with an official recorded time of 20.12 seconds.

guinness-02 guinness-03

Next is Matt as he attempts to set the fastest time in stacking up 20 large LEGO bricks. The rules were laid down by Guinness World Record judge Kaitlin: using only one hand at a time in placing a brick one over the other, Matt must be able to completely connect all 20 large LEGO bricks and ensure that the structure remain standing for at least 5 seconds. He finished with an official recorded time of 23.06 seconds.

guinness-04 guinness-05

Lastly, we have Evans and his challenge of assembling three LEGO minifigures and firmly placing them on a standard LEGO baseplate. Evans is usually working behind the scenes and the one responsible for Brick Show’s retail operations. Again, Judge Kaitlin laid down the rules as follows: each of the three minifigs must have the usual five components: legs, body, head, head piece, and accessory. Once completed, Evans must ensure that the minifigs are firmly in place on the baseplate as Judge Kaitlin turns it upside down.

guinness-06 guinness-08

After a relatively quick round of attempts, Judge Kaitlin finally announced the results. Jason and Stephen managed to finish their LEGO pyramid in 20.12 seconds, but came short of almost 6 seconds against the official Guinness World Record time of 14.72 seconds. Matt likewise finished in 23.06 seconds in building his stack of LEGO bricks, but Judge Kaitlin had to disqualify his attempt since Matt touched the structure using both of his hands. Finally, we have Evans and his attempt to set a new world record in being the fastest person to assemble three LEGO minifigures. With an ending time of 18.44 seconds, Evans managed to beat the current official record of 28.16 seconds, making him the fastest person on the planet that can assemble LEGO minifigures!


It is not every day that you get to bag a Guinness World Record title, and this is certainly another first for our Brick Show Team. In case you missed it, you can watch the entire video of the world record attempt right there below, or over at Guinness World Record’s Facebook page. Again, cheers to Evans and the rest of the team!



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