LEGO December Store Calendar Now Up – New LEGO Disney Moana Set Revealed!


There is something special with LEGO’s December Store Calendar. Before we hit theaters on November 23 to watch Disney’s latest Polynesian princess and her demigod companion, LEGO was kind enough to give us a glimpse on its latest set dedicated to the adventurous spirit of Moana. Tagged as LEGO Disney Moana on the High Seas (41150), the set features a mini-doll version of Moana, Maui in his big-fig form, Moana’s pet chicken HeiHei, and a raft.


It’s interesting to note that Brickset has updated its database to include another LEGO Disney Moana Set named as Moana’s Island Adventure (41149). We can only surmise that since it is tagged as a ‘house’ this may probably refer to Moana’s island home village where we can see some of her relatives like Gramma Tala, and her parents Tui and Sina. I hope that LEGO has more sets slated for Disney’s Moana since the film itself has plenty of interesting scenes that  will be pretty cool rendered in LEGO bricks – imagine a band  of crazy, coconut-armored Kakamora in their colorful minifig versions aboard their pirate ship. Well, we can always hope.

Here’s the December LEGO Store Calendar, followed by a breakdown of all its key highlights. Click on the images for a closer look.

lego-december-store-calendar_01 lego-december-store-calendar_02


November 28-December 11 – FREE 2017 Wall Calendar with purchases of $75 or more. The fine print on the back of the calendar seems to suggest that this offer is valid in LEGO Stores only.



December 6-7 – The VIP Monthly Mini Model Build will be the Christmas Present (40219). Be sure to register at starting November 15 to reserve your spot.



December 10-11– Double VIP Points on everything at LEGO Stores and on Shop@Home.


December 12-18 – Free Gingerbread Man (5005156) with purchases of $50 or more while supplies last.



December 20 – Order by noon for holiday delivery. We definitely have to mark this one on our calendars.


Other than the LEGO Disney Moana on the High Seas (41150), the LEGO December Store calendar has also officially included the latest LEGO Batman Movie Batcave Break-In set (70909) and the DC Superhero Girls Superhero High School (41232). This could mean that we might see more reveals anytime soon or before the year ends.


So what do you think of LEGO’s rendition of Moana and her high sea adventure? What do you think is best part of LEGO’s December Store Calendar? Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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