LEGO Ideas Wall-E (21303) and Other Popular Sets Retiring Soon.

In case you’re eyeing for that LEGO Ideas Wall-E or UCS Star Wars Sandcrawler for quite some time already, you may want to make up your mind right away. LEGO’s online store has recently rolled out its next sets slated for retirement anytime soon. All regional sites of, except that of North America as of this writing, have already updated their listing, and have tagged a handful of impressive sets that are retiring soon, including our personal favorite, Wall-E .


Though the US and Canada regional sites have not listed these sets yet, we can be pretty sure that they will be updated soon. Frankly, LEGO does not readily announce when a set will exactly be retired. We can only have a hint of its impending retirement once it is tagged as ‘Retiring Soon’. If that happens then we can only hope for LEGO to either come up with a sort of a rehash similar to what they did with the LEGO Star Wars Death Star 75159, or click your way through various exorbitant eBay offers. Alternatively, Amazon also offers these sets for sale for good measure – plus at great discounted prices. You may want to check out these links as well.


LEGO Star Wars UCS Ewok Village (10236) $249.99 $218.99 @ Amazon


10236_alt1 10236-1


LEGO Star Wars UCS Sandcrawler (75059) $299.99 $262.98 @ Amazon


75059_alt1 75059_main


LEGO Pet Shop (10218) $149.95 $145.99 @ Amazon

10218_alt1 10218-0000-xx-14-1


LEGO Creator Sydney Opera House (10234) $319.99 $310.99 @ Amazon

10234_alt1 10234-1


LEGO Ideas Wall-E (21303) $59.99 @ Amazon.

21303_alt1 21303_main



LEGO Ideas Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (21108)  $49.99 $46.78 @ Amazon

21108_alt1 21108_main



LEGO Ideas The Big Bang Theory (21302) $59.99 $42.94 @ Amazon

21302_alt1 21302-1



LEGO Ideas Doctor Who (21304) $59.99 $52.47 @ Amazon

21304_alt1 21304_main


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