This LEGO Ideas The Iron Giant Is Absolutely Spot On

LEGO Ideas The Iron Giant

I usually don’t include a LEGO Ideas project in my need-to-write list unless it has earned that 10K thumbs up from LEGO fans, but this rendition of the Warner Bros. animated film The Iron Giant deserves a special mention. Though the film itself did not find a warm welcome from the general audience when it debuted on the big screen in 1999, it won several awards under the science fiction genre including the BAFTA Children’s Award, and has become a beloved animated classic over time. Set in the post-war US during the early 1950s, it tells of a story of a gigantic, mysterious alien who crash-landed on Earth and befriends a young boy. The film currently got a theatrical and Blu-ray re-release, which included a new documentary about Brad Bird’s making of the film. And if you want to bring home this classic film as an official LEGO set, then this is your chance to show your support to this custom LEGO Ideas The Iron Giant product idea.

LEGO Ideas The Iron Giant

An Iron Giant and LEGO fan at heart, LEGO builder BrettCUV decided to render his love for the gentle giant using LEGO bricks and the result is breathtaking. Minifigure in scale, BrettCUV used a LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) to render this custom LEGO Ideas Iron Giant in all its fine details using more than 2,000 pieces. Here are his thoughts on his creation.

For this project, I propose that a set be made based on the 1999 Warner Brothers hit animated film The Iron Giant. Known for its beautiful storytelling and masterful animation, this movie is beloved by fans old and young all over the world. I believe that a LEGO product based in this film would not just be popular with consumers, but rather be an enormous success.

Within this project, there would be 5 main characters: The Iron Giant with changeable eyes and weaponry to depict his evil state from the movie, Hogarth Hughes with the alien bolt he finds at the end of the film, Annie Hughes and a coffee pot, Kent Mansley and a fedora, and Dean McCoppin with a coffee cup. The entire build consists of approximately 2,023 pieces, including the Giant, minifigures, and accessories. The Giant’s head rotates and tilts, and his arms, legs, wrists, hips, and ankles are all articulated to both accommodate his size and weight, and allow him to replicate classic poses from the movie.

LEGO Ideas The Iron Giant

Currently, BrettCUV’s LEGO Ideas The Iron Giant project has already achieved more than 5,000 supporters over at LEGO Ideas with additional 5K votes needed to make it to the Review Stage. If you think the set is a worthy enough to receive your stamp of approval, then head over at LEGO Ideas and cast your vote. We’ll sure to keep a close eye on this one. What do you think of this project? Does it have the potential to become the next big (pun intended) LEGO Ideas set to hit store shelves? Send in your comments below or join in the discussions over at our Facebook page.

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