7 LEGO BrickHeadz MOCs That Will Win Your Hearts!

When the LEGO BrickHeadz was unveiled during last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, my initial reaction to this new line of brick-built collectibles was, I have to admit, a bit bland. It did not top my must-have wishlist at that time, as compared to what LEGO has in store at SDCC with the LEGO Batman Movie. Truth be told, I was hardly a fan at all of the roughly 10-stud tall collectible that sells for $10 each. Even having the biggest names in the superhero fandom under its belt was not even enough to persuade me to go head-over-heels for these little guys. Needless to say, the LEGO BrickHeadz is a good case in point that demonstrates how a particular LEGO theme can be polarizing among LEGO fans.

LEGO Brickheadz Strange

Frankly, this is not something new for LEGO. In 2010, LEGO toyed with the idea of offering exaggeratingly, disproportionate collectibles based on the Star Wars theme when they introduced the LEGO CubeDude at the 2010 SDCC.  If there is something that the relatively short-lived CubeDude theme has shown, it is the reality that the LEGO community has the propensity to always find a way to build upon, and improve on what LEGO has to offer.


After almost a year since the LEGO BrickHeadz theme was introduced and offered to the public, LEGO fans (either out of sheer admiration or a sort of rebel statement) eventually came up with their own iterations of these miniature collectibles. I guess it’s bound to happen since LEGO is basically built upon creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. With the multitude of options that one has in transforming their faved character into a 3 ½ inch figure, it is understandable why the LEGO BrickHeadz can be so appealing.  Consequently, we’re now seeing a lot of builders who apply their creativity and churn out their own chibi versions of their most-loved characters and titles. A casual browse of LEGO MOCs over at Flickr shows how the LEGO BrickHeadz has invaded the LEGO building community! These MOCs, in my humble opinion, are even better.

box art LEGO BrickHeadz

So let’s take a look at some of the best BrickHeadz MOCs coming from fans of the theme and see if they can eventually land a soft spot in the most disbelieving heart.


Adeel Zubair’s custom Dancing Groot


Dancing Groot


Mark Gotidoc’s Inside Out characters

Inside Out (A LEGO Ideas Project)


Jared Chan and his Star Wars BrickHeadz

Star Wars Brickheadz (2017)


Bob Chai’s Winnie the Pooh characters



Johan Alexanderson’s LEGO Ideas Project,  LEGO Star Wars Bobbleheads


LEGO Star Wars Bobbleheads 09


 Jimmy Fortel’s Chibz Brick Figures

Presenting the CHIBZ brick figures


Iain Heath’s abominably cute Rejectz

REJECTZ Series 1 - Superheroes



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4 thoughts on “7 LEGO BrickHeadz MOCs That Will Win Your Hearts!”

  1. The BrickHeadz are slowly growing on me. Not sure we’ll buy them right away, but could be good sets with the right character or if they ever go on sale. The Inside Out characters are fantastic.

    1. Yup, I share the same sentiment. I found them unappealing at first, but seeing the potential of the BrickHeadz and its flexibility of incorporating so many names from many different IPs, I guess it’s just a matter of time (or the right character, perhaps) before this series wins my heart. Plus the community can really come up with far superior builds which makes the BrickHeadz more appealing.

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