LEGO Uniqlo Promotionals Are Back.

A year ago, we featured Uniqlo’s awesome line-up of LEGO inspired shirts that comes with a cool bunch of LEGO promotionals. This time around, Uniqlo teams up with the Danish toy maker once again to provide every LEGO fan at heart the life wear that suits their personality. The good news is that for residents in the US, these latest line up of LEGO Uniqlo shirts is now offered for a discounted price of as much as 35% off if you order them online. Check out these fine prints and see what suits your LEGO style.

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In related news, LEGO fans in the Philippines may probably have a better deal on these Uniqlo shirts. Uniqlo Philippines have just announced another LEGO promotional similar to what they did last year when they gave away a free LEGO mini monthly build for every purchase of 1 LEGO Uniqlo shirt. This time around, several FREE polybags from 2016’s LEGO City line are up for grabs when you buy a LEGO Uniqlo shirt beginning March 27 to April 14 or until supplies last.

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These free polybags include: Prison Island Helicopter (30346), Fire Car (30347), Mini Dumper (30348), and Sports Car (30349). Personally, I prefer this year’s promotional as compared from the previous one. These selections of polybags will be a very nice addition to any LEGO City MOC that you are planning to do.

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Here’s Uniqlo’s announcement via their Facebook page.


If you’re a resident in the Philippines or in the country right now, then be sure to stop by at Uniqlo’s brand stores located in major shopping malls throughout the metro.



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