Here’s A LEGO-Compatible Kickstarter Project That You May Want to Support.

Jason Alleman (the genius behind the LEGO Ideas Maze 21305) has teamed up with engineer and avid LEGO train fan Michael Gale to come up with the most versatile and flexible LEGO-compatible programmable electronic brick controller around. Launched via a Kickstarter campaign, the PFx Brick offers three major functions that will bring to life and add dynamism to any LEGO creation. Read on for the full details of the PFx Brick. If you wish to support this, be sure to check Jason and Michael’s Kickstarter page and back this project. Their goal is to reach a total of CA$140,000 in funding, and as of this writing, the PFx Brick already received CA$5,488 in pledges. It still has a month (roughly 29 days) to go through the crowdsourcing campaign.

Here’s an overview of what you can do with the PFx Brick.

The PFx Brick is an electronic brick controller designed to offer three major functions for your LEGO creations: 1) Motor control, 2) Lighting effects and 3) Sound effects. These functions are controlled using any LEGO® Power Functions™ InfraRed (IR) remote control. The actions the PFx Brick performs are configured using the PFx App software. The App is also used to load sound files on to the PFx Brick. Once configured, the PFx Brick can be built into your LEGO creation transforming it with the magic of light, sound, and animation!


Feature SummaryPFx Brick 2


Design OverviewPFx Brick 7


Plug and Play

  • Works with all of your existing LEGO® Power Functions™ accessories
  • Turn it on, and its instantly ready to be controlled with any of your IR remotes

PFx Brick 5


Unparalleled Lighting FXPFx Brick 1


Finally… Sound FX for Your Various LEGO Models!PFx Brick 3


Sophisticated and Powerful Motor ControlPFx Brick 4



  • Setup your PFx Brick just the way you want it!
  • Easy updates to keep your PFx Brick up to date.
  • Programmer’s API for DIY fun and customization.

PFx Brick 8


Energy Efficient

  • Automatic power management for excellent battery endurance.
  • User selectable auto shut-down modes.
  • Connect to a USB power source instead of a battery for indefinite usage time!
  • Low standby current consumption.

PFx Brick 9


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