This 1,500 Piece LEGO UCS-Style Milano MOC is of Galactic Proportions!

What defines a superhero? Is it the clothes he wears, the gadgets that he wields, the awesome mix tape that he plays, or the sweet, sleek ride that he takes pride on? If you have a band of heroes as big the Guardians of the Galaxy, then it wouldn’t hurt to have a bit of them all. Throw in some neat character builds, a retro music player and a 1,500-piece, LEGO UCS style Milano and you’re all set.

Yes, you heard it right. Our resident master builder is back with another GOTG-inspired, jaw-dropping build that will make any LEGO Ultimate Collector Series set pale in comparison. Admittedly, we wish LEGO could have done a better design with their reboot of the Milano as seen in the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Milano vs The Abilisk (76081) set. However, we just feel that the official LEGO sets did not capture the magnificence of this ship as portrayed in Marvel’s cinematic universe. In fact, this second iteration of the famed spaceship is noticeable smaller than its predecessor as seen in The Milano Spaceship Rescue (76021) set released in 2014. So with a healthy amount of discontent, Tyler is back with another build that pays tribute to the Milano, and at 1,500 pieces, it is pretty closer to the real thing.


Tyler’s latest creation boasts of a UCS-type version of the Milano that comes with various play features even at a minifig scale. It roughly measures 2-feet wide from one wing tip to the other, and 1-foot long from the front all the way to the back engine. It has a cockpit that opens using a canopy piece used in the Milano vs the Abilisk set, and it is actually big enough to fit in three minifigures. Its huge wings feature 4 flexible panels at the end that can be posed at varied angles.

UCS Milano 2 UCS Milano 3

The back of this Milano also features tons of details. Starting with the engine, the ship features a textured and faceted surface, with a prominent orange, gray, and blue color scheme. What I find nice about the tail part of Tyler’s Milano MOC is how he was able to create pairs of articulated engines of sorts, very similar to how we saw them in the Milano, as it fly and maneuver in the film.


Perhaps the best part of Tyler’s Milano UCS MOC is the inclusion of an interior. Yes, this Milano has play features cleverly concealed – you simply remove the top portion to have access to the cool, fun details inside.


It sports two compartments, the one being a sort of meeting room just behind the cockpit area where you can find Baby Groot and Rocket. Perhaps a bit of a pep talk from the surrogate dad? Anyways, the last part of the compartment is a kind of bunker where our heroes can rest. It uses the same dark orange pieces as seen in the cockpit seats. Finally, this Milano MOC even comes with a stand for display purposes, and a full range of GOTG minifigures.

03 05

As typical of Tyler, he shares several building techniques as he explains the features of his MOC. Here’s Tyler with more details on how he built this very impressive LEGO UCS-style Milano MOC.

If you are impressed by Tyler’s creations as much as we are, be sure to check out his other GOTG builds such as his character figures and Star-Lord’s Classic Walkman.



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