Brick Show’s Top 10 Marvel-Inspired LEGO MOCs!

Every now and then, we feature a top 10 Brick List that showcases the best, LEGO creations out there, and even those that we wish to see in the future. For this week, we would like to share our selection of the best Marvel-inspired LEGO MOCs, thanks to the efforts of our Brick List researcher and narrator James Hicks. In no particular order, this is our take on the best Marvel-themed MOCs around.



#10  – X-Men Sentinel by Henry Pinto

Sentinel unleashed!!! #legosentinel #lego

If you recall, the Sentinel has been the mechanical bane of the X-Men for as long as they can remember. When the X-Men TV series took off in the 1990s, it even started the season by paying tribute to these technological atrocities. This brick-built version of the walking behemoth was perfectly captured by Australian builder Henry Pinto using 7.5 kilograms of LEGO bricks just in time for the Sydney Brick Show in April last year.


#9 – Spiderman vs the Sinister Six by Tim Lydy

Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six

Tim’s MOC captures the apparent frustration of the web crawler as he tries to save everyone on this construction site, against the unholy allegiance of super-powered villains collectively called as the Sinister Six. It’s just a terrible lot to be caught in.


#8 – Ghost Rider by Dennis Qiu

MOC - Ghost Rider

This is by far THE best LEGO Ghost Rider MOC that we have ever seen for a while. Dennis managed to recreate the horrifyingly cool atmosphere that surrounds this Marvel hero from hell using mostly LEGO technic parts for the motorcycle build, and Bionicle pieces for the Ghost Rider himself. Dennis also underscored the Rider’s terrifying presence by adding plenty of flame elements around it.


#7 – Baby Groot by Tyler

I am Groot

Of course, our very own Tyler Clites also makes it to our Top 10 Marvel-inspired LEGO creations, with his own version of the adorable Baby Groot as seen in the first Guardians of the Galaxy Film. This fun version of Baby Groot highlights Tyler’s impressive building techniques as he captures the looks of Baby Groot dancing to the tune of the Jackson 5.


#6 – The X-Men Mansion by Glen Bricker

Mansion with figs

cerebro and observation deck

Glen Bricker lives up to his name by building a modest looking LEGO version of the famed X-Men Mansion. On the outside, there seems to be nothing special about it, but once you turn it around, then the Mansion reveals its inner working in all of its modular glory. The build itself is layered and I love the many possibilities that its modular design can offer.  Glen has also included the iconic Danger Room at the bottom of the Mansion.


#5 – She-Hulk and Iron Man Team-up by Ben Cossy

She-Hulk and Iron Man Team up

This MOC is inspired by Superior Iron Man #1 comic. The build cleverly portrays Magneto as he ‘lifts’ the vehicles around and throws them towards She-Hulk. Ben uses several transparent rods to hold the vehicles in place, giving the impression that they are suspended in mid-air. I also like the painstaking details that Ben added to the pavement using a handful of circular gray plates and studs.


#4 – Marvel Superhero Battle by Johnny Walker


With so many things going on in this MOC, it’s kind of hard to decide where to start first. We have Ice Man, Doctor Octopus, Iron Man, and a host of Marvel superhero legends battling it out in front of a humble comic book store. It features several fight scenes among the heroes and baddies of Marvel such as the Green Goblin vs Spider-Man, Captain America going on a free fall, Ice Man joining the fray, Rogue jumping into action, and Iron Fist ready to take a swing with his destructive knuckles among many others.


#3 – Spider-Man vs Sandman by Thorsten Bonsch

Spider-Man vs. Sandman

Thornsten’s MOC seems to look like it leaped from a comic book page. Spider-Man seems to get more than what he bargained for when he confronts Sandman and his intimidating sand creation. The building techniques used in creating the ‘sand hand’ gives a seamless effect throughout the build. Throw in a terrified crowd of minifigs, and you have one action packed scene straight from the comics.


#2 – X-Men Phoenix by Alex S

LEGO - Marvel/SuperHeroes - Phoenix heats up...

This Marvel creation is based on the original Dark Phoenix Saga published in 1980. We see the Jean Gray’s minifigure as it is engulfed in flames. Alex made very good use of various red flame pieces and lighting techniques to create that mesmerizing effect of showing that breaking point in Jean’s psyche. It is a very impressive build that seems to come alive as a set.


#1 – LEGO Avengers Tower by DownUnder Bricks

This MOC by Australian YouTuber and LEGO aficionado that goes by the name DownUnder Bricks, was put on display during last year’s Brickvention in Australia. The level of detail on this MOC starting with the pond and garden beds outside the Avengers HQ, and even Tony Stark’s bar and lounge, is absolutely impressive.


So what do you think of our list? Did we miss out on anything that you may have liked? Share us what you think in the comments below, or tell us your favorite Marvel-inspired LEGO MOC in our Facebook page.



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