Is There More to LEGO Dimensions After Wave 9?

The grandest gaming event of the year is just around the corner. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is set to kick off in Los Angeles starting June 13 next week, and for LEGO gaming fans out there (including us here in the Brick Show), it means three days of exciting game reveals and announcements that will define the course of video gaming throughout the year. As I mentioned during my previous  post, WB Games seem to be in high spirits when, for the first time ever, it announced a live broadcast feed on the happenings that will take place in its booth during the course of E3’s 3-day programming. They have already released their programming schedule as published on their website specifically for the event, and through WB Games’ official Twitter page as you can see below.

Though a significant portion of WB Games’ air time is dedicated to their latest LEGO video game titles, 3 out of 5 actually, I couldn’t help but feel that somehow, it lacked the luster of last year’s promotion particularly when it comes to LEGO Dimensions. If you recall, WB Games was on full throttle last year when it unveiled 20 additional licenses to its already expanding LEGO Dimensions universe. Needless to say, it was a very exciting moment for the toys-to-life genre, even in the midst of drawbacks prompted by Disney Infinity’s cancellation.

However, now that almost a year has passed since WB Games’ reveal of LEGO Dimensions’ Year 2 sets, it seems that there is a looming cloud of uncertainty over the future of this series. To be fair, if LEGO and WB Games have decided to include LEGO Dimensions as one of its program highlights during E3 (which they obviously did), then probably there is a really good reason to do so. Top brass may have deemed LD worthy of another spot under the E3 limelight. But given the recent fuss over Dimensions’ rumored cancellation, one can’t help but be a little skeptical about what will be revealed during next week’s E3.

Another source of doubt on the future of LEGO Dimensions comes from the evidently late release of Year 2’s final wave of sets. Originally planned for a March, 2017 release, Wave 9’s public debut got pushed back for another 3 months and will be released in September 12, which was, quite intriguingly, the month when the first wave of Year 2 sets were released. Learning from experience, this obvious delay is not usually a good sign for game titles.

Introduced a week ago, LEGO Dimensions Wave 9 includes the anticipated Team and Fun Packs of Teen Titans GO!, Powerpuff Girls, and Beetlejuice. Here’s the press release, including Wave 9’s official photos in case you missed it.


Players that purchase the Teen Titans Go! Team Pack or Fun Pack will get access to an exclusive, original animated episode detailing the Super Heroes foray into the LEGO Dimensions multiverse.

LEGO® Dimensions™ Expansion Packs Based on Teen Titans Go!
The Powerpuff Girls and Beetlejuice Announced for September Release

Teen Titans Go! Packs Access Exclusive, Bonus Animated Episode

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announced five highly collectable, new expansion packs for LEGO Dimensions, the LEGO toy and videogame hybrid, will be available on September 12, 2017. Team and Fun Packs based on Cartoon Network’s animated series, Teen Titans Go! and The Powerpuff Girls, plus a Beetlejuice Fun Pack, will broaden the selection of the world’s most popular entertainment brands available for the game, allowing players to customize their experience by mixing and matching favorite characters and universes with full compatibility.

Players that purchase either Teen Titans Go! expansion pack can access an exclusive, original animated episode to discover how the vibrant team of teenage Super Heroes stumbled upon the LEGO Dimensions multiverse and embarked on hilarious, heroic adventures with new friends.

The Teen Titans Go! Team Pack, includes LEGO minifigures of the DC Super Hero team Raven and Beast Boy. It also features the 3-in-1 T-Car which can be rebuilt into the Forklift and T-Plane for out of this world adventures by air and sea. Players can transform the Spellbook of Azarath into Raven Wings and the Giant Hand to take flight and dig through the earth for adventures above and beyond this universe.

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The Teen Titans Go! Fun Pack includes a Starfire LEGO minifigure. Players can unleash her special abilities to battle enemies and solve puzzles. Players can also build the 3-in-1 Titan Robot for a roller-coaster fun-filled adventure and then rebuild it into the T-Rocket or Robot Retriever for an even more supercharged adventure with the rest of the Titans gang.

71287 e1496802244662

Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire each provide access to the Teen Titans Go! Adventure World in Jump City where players can explore several psychedelic areas from the Titans Tower to Wacka Doodles Amusement Park.

Players can bring Townsville to LEGO Dimensions with The Powerpuff Girls Team Pack which includes LEGO minifigures of the super-powered sisters, Blossom and Bubbles. For access to additional special abilities, the 3-in-1 Octi can be rebuilt into the Super Skunk or Sonic Squid, and the PPG Smartphone can be rebuilt into the PPG Hotline and Powerpuff Mag-Net.

71346 e1496802320893

The Powerpuff Girls Fun Pack includes a Buttercup LEGO minifigure. Players can use this cherished champion of justice to fight crime and come just in time with supercool superpowers. The 3-in-1 Mega Blast Bot can be rebuild into the Ka-Pow Cannon and Slammin’ Guitar to rock extra-awesome combat abilities.

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Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup each provide access to The Powerpuff Girls Adventure World where players can unlock iconic locations like Pokey Oaks elementary, Rainbow Land, and Professor Utonium’s lab. When competition beckons, players can go head-to-head in the Battle Arena for endless fun.

The Beetlejuice Fun Pack brings some spookiness to LEGO Dimensions with a Beetlejuice LEGO minifigure. Players can activate his supernatural powers to scare away the living. Saturn’s Sandworm can rebuild it into the Haunted Vacuum and Spooky Spider for more ghostly powers. Beetlejuice also unlocks the exclusive Adventure World and Battle Arena.

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I sincerely hope that LEGO and WB Games will reveal a whole new set of Year 3 characters, but then again, only next week’s E3 will finally reveal and hopefully put to rest, all speculations about the future of LEGO dimensions. So what do you think brick fans, is this eventually the end for LEGO Dimensions? What E3 predictions do you have in mind regarding LEGO Dimensions and other LEGO video game titles? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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9 thoughts on “Is There More to LEGO Dimensions After Wave 9?”

  1. You guys have previously published a rumor that the James Bond franchise will be in Year 3. Also, a Lord Vortech fun pack was leaked. Do you think that they could be in Year 3, or do you think that there’s just going to be a surprise wave and then the game will be cancelled?

  2. I love this game & I think it would be a shame to end LEGO Dimensions at this point. There are so many more characters and story packs that can be added to the game. It is actually an awesome money making game for all game consoles and LEGO. I hope this is not the end.

  3. i too love playing lego dimensions & disney infinity! they are both money making games! lego dimensions is so fun! i hope lego dimensions will not end like disney infinity cause i hope marvel and tmnt will make their appearances in lego dimensions!

  4. I think it would be cool to have a James Bond, Starwars, Indiana Jones, or other level packs of LEGO games that have been previously released.

    Its an amazing game (better than Skylanders), and it’s definitely sad to see it die out like how Disney Infinity did.

    It would be awesome if they made a Harry Potter level as well. Or Beetlejuice, or other character that has only the open world. It would expand the game so much more. There is a lot more that can be done with the game than imaginable. You really are only limited to your own imagination.

  5. If they really wanted to reboot interest.. my 7 year old and I have every set available. How do they not have Minecraft?

      1. And The flash , more dc universe And ben 10 And home alone

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