LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75192) Will NOT Be Available Today for a General Public Release.

After much fan fare surrounding the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon 75192 during its debut last September 14, (and its eventual scarcity just after 24 hours of its VIP offering) the largest LEGO set ever made as of this writing, is still nowhere in sight either in LEGO Brand Stores and at Though this no longer comes as a surprise since LEGO already released its official statement regarding its availability, another announcement by the company may likewise add another frown on people’s faces, especially from non-VIP members where there are no LEGO brand stores within their region.

LEGO has been circulating this message among its VIP members, assuring those who haven’t received their set yet, will have the chance of receiving their own as soon as possible since they have the extended the VIP period until November. VIP members will also have the option to sign-up for a back-in-stock notification to receive regular updates about the set’s availability. However, bear in mind that signing up for the notification service does not necessarily guarantee reservation or the availability of the UCS Millennium Falcon. LEGO has also suggested checking with your local LEGO brand store starting September 29 to know when the next batch of MFs will be shipped to them. Here’s the complete message circulated by LEGO to VIP members.

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As you may know, the new LEGO® Star Wars™ Millennium Falcon (75192), our largest LEGO set ever, went on sale exclusively to VIP Members on September 14. We are very excited that we received such a positive response from fans like yourself, it exceeded all of our expectations! Unfortunately, that also means the first batch has already sold out.

The good news is we are making more as quickly as possible and expect to have very limited quantities available for the remainder of 2017. We have extended the VIP-only access period, which means the new inventory will remain exclusive to VIPs at least through November.

To make your wait a little easier, you can now sign up to receive back-in-stock notifications. Simply confirm your interest below and we’ll email you when a new batch of the Millennium Falcon (75192) is available on

If you’d rather make your purchase at your favorite LEGO Brand Retail store, please call or visit your local store starting Friday 9/29 and ask a Brick Specialist to add you to the wait list.

*Please note, stock will be in very limited supply and each batch will likely sell out quickly. Signing up for notifications does not guarantee availability of the product.

Now this may be a little reassuring for VIP members, but not to LEGO fans who have no option to avail of the VIP program, particularly among countries where there is no presence of a LEGO brand store. Extending the VIP program until November also means that non-VIP members will have to wait longer (as opposed to the expectation that the MF will be available to the general public by October 1) to even have the remotest chance of purchasing this set within their region. I guess we just have to trust LEGO to carry on with their promises at this point.

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12 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75192) Will NOT Be Available Today for a General Public Release.”

  1. I made my views on the shambolic release of this set public on an earlier Brickshow post.

    Now I am left wondering whether this is a shameful publicity stunt by The Lego Group.

    1. I don’t think it is the LEGO Group’s fault. They underestimated the set’s demand, but they didn’t anticipate the 2nd hand sellers scooping up the set within a day of its VIP release. On that note, it is quite possible that LEGO will shut down the VIP program in terms of early sales so they can prevent day one shortages in the future.

  2. What is interesting is that you can NO LONGER add this set to your “wishlist” on the LEGO site, while you can with the other sold out set, the Apollo Saturn V. What this probably means is that it will ONLY be available for VIP members and not to the general public, which will make many people upset. Can you say ebay here we come?

  3. My local lego just started the sign up list and even was nice enough to tell me where I fall on the list. As of sign up I was #16 so fingers crossed I will see this set soon!

  4. The MF is a 10 out of 10 and I enjoyed the whole experience in buying it. Thanks Lego for a great Release!

  5. Register my Interest when 75192 stock next released have purchased most star war models for my son from the beginning and he is 39 now desperate not to disappoint him for christmas

  6. So apparently LEGO notification system regarding the possibility to purchase the Set is preferential.
    A friend of mine got a notification and was able to buy a set (for the very short time it was available) and I didn’t get any notification about it. I called Lego and checked I was on the list, all in order.
    Another friend of mine for a notification a was able to buy the set a 2 weeks later, yet I didn’t get any notification.

    So I contacted LEGO and the customer service agent told me that a few people got notifications and when there where no more sets available the they stopped sending out the other notifications to the other people on the list.

    Which means LEGO has a preferential list within the notification list.
    What are the criteria? Why are some getting them while other are in 2nd pick?

    That was hugely disappointing. LEGO couldn’t or wouldn’t answer my questions further more.

    1. I am not on a list. I happened to see it was back in stock via a random retweet from someone i’m following. Went to my regional LEGO online shop and was able to purchase. I guess I got super lucky?

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