LEGO Clarifies the Availability of the LEGO Star Wars VIP Card.

Purchasing an $800 LEGO set hailed to be the largest of all time is no easy feat, and being a proud owner (or planning to be one) of the currently out of stock LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75192), LEGO makes sure that you’ll have the bragging rights to mark the occasion.  As a VIP member, you are guaranteed to receive the plush LEGO Star Wars VIP Card – not just for aesthetics, but also for a ton of exclusive LEGO Star Wars promos and deals even until the end of 2018.

As such, loyal LEGO Star Wars fans have their eyes locked onto this shiny, black card. In case you haven’t seen it yet, Rebelscum managed to get in touch with Kidults Inc, and has shared the following images below.

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To answer several questions about how and when the LEGO Star Wars VIP Card will be received, LEGO has posted a FAQ page to address these concerns (though in hindsight, LEGO could have done a better job if they’ve done the same to address the most important questions surrounding the availability of the MF). As it seems, if you happen to spot the MF in your local LEGO brand store and decides to make a spot purchase, you still have to wait for a few weeks before you can get your new card since it will be forwarded to you by mail. Here’s the rest of the details surrounding the equally elusive LEGO Star Wars VIP Card.

Limited edition, collectible LEGO® Star Wars™ VIP Card

Get your special edition membership card when you buy the Millennium Falcon™ (75192) and enjoy a full year of LEGO® Star Wars™ themed benefits!

Who is eligible for the LEGO® Star Wars™ VIP Card?

All VIP Members that purchase the Millennium Falcon™ (75192), including members signing up for the first time. This includes all countries VIP operates in, including countries that don’t normally receive physical membership cards. For country list, please see

How will I receive my card?

The card will be sent via postal mail – please note that cards are not available in Brand Retail Stores. These will also be sent via post to ensure they’re personalisedand if applicable, linked to a pre-existing account. This means that all previously earned points will be available on the new card and it will already be activated. The original account will need to be fully registered by December 31, 2017.

What does the card do?

Card holders will still receive all standard VIP benefits, in addition, they’ll be eligible for a full year of special Star Wars-themed offers throughout 2018.

What are the special offers that this card entitles a member to?

Special offers will include points promotions, special events, gifts with purchase and more! The offers will be shared directly with applicable VIPs throughout 2018.

Will the VIP Number on this card be different from my regular VIP card?

Existing members will keep their existing number. It will be printed on both their original card and the Star Wars™ collectible one. They can be used interchangeably.

Can I obtain this card without purchasing the Millennium Falcon™ (75192)?

Unfortunately not. This card is meant as a special gift with the purchase of the Millennium Falcon™ (75192).

Why can’t I have my card right when I purchase the Millennium Falcon™ (75192) in a LEGO® Brand Retail Store?

This is to ensure the card is linked to any existing VIP accounts and personalized with the member’s name, they need to be custom-printed, which is not possible at the Store.

How long is the card available for?

The collectible card is a limited-time offer until 12/31, or while stocks last.

How long will it take to receive the card?

It can take up to 6 weeks after purchase of the Millennium Falcon™ (75192) to receive the card.

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Special thanks to Rebelscum for providing us with these images.

3 thoughts on “LEGO Clarifies the Availability of the LEGO Star Wars VIP Card.”

  1. So it’s been nearly three months since the BRIEF — and botched — release of the UCS Millennium Falcon, and LEGO still hasn’t produced more. It’s RIDICULOUS that LEGO is limiting access to the Star Wars VIP Program to only those who can purchase the Falcon set, WHEN THEY HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO KEEP UP WITH DEMAND! I almost want the Star Wars exclusives from the Star Wars VIP Program more than the Falcon set itself. They need to change the VIP program to either allow other Star Wars purchases to qualify, or take more backorders for the UCS Falcon, or extend the deadline for purchasing one into 2018 (past the deadline of 31 Dec 2017 — which is only three weeks away!!!). I’m at the point where if I don’t get into the Star Wars VIP program, I’m going to stop buying LEGO altogether. If they can’t respect their fans enough to fix this fiasco, they don’t deserve us to buy their products.

    1. Liam I couldnt agree with you more. It’s mindblowing Lego is willing to have me skip out on an 800 dollar product because they can’t make a 2 dollar card for us members who have shown nothing but loyalty and enthusiasm for their products which we more than pay a premium on to own. I tried on launch day and weeks on end to get my cart that had the falcon in it right up until checkout crashed and kicked me off. They join Nintendo with the pitifully handled release of the NES classic on largest blunders that not just prevent us from buying the product but future releases as well. I always thought corporations want to maximize profits not limit them.

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