More LEGO Seasonal BrickHeadz Slated for 2018.

After LEGO recently announced and created some buzz around the latest BrickHeadz to watch out for with the Valentine’s Bee (40270), it left me with a distinct impression that it will not be the last in the series. Revealed as a seasonal set, it is somehow expected that more similar sets will be introduced later on from this particular subtheme of BrickHeadz.

40270 alt2

As it seems, it looks like LEGO is intentionally showing us what’s next after the Valentine’s Bee BrickHeadz for 2018. The back side of the set’s box art reveals five additional LEGO seasonal BrickHeadz, each of which is expected to be released alongside the traditional seasonal vignettes throughout the year.

#30 Easter Bunny – available in March

bunny 40270 alt2


#31 Halloween Witch – available in September

witch 40270 alt2


#32 Thanksgiving Turkey – available in October

turkey 40270 alt2


#33 & #34 Mr. and Mrs. Claus – available in November

mr and mrs claus 40270 alt2

Truth be told, I wish LEGO could have followed its usual BrickHeadz silhouette teaser rather than revealing the whole nine yards. As a LEGO enthusiast, I appreciate a certain degree of excitement and sense mystery on what LEGO has in the works for its future sets. So revealing all the LEGO Seasonal BrickHeadz all in one swoop kind of put a damper on it.

Nevertheless, these are still lovely sets, and will be a great addition to your ever growing BrickHeadz collection.

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