LEGO Designers Explain Why the LEGO Creator Downtown Diner (10260) Has New Minifigure Faces.

We’re just a few weeks away before the next LEGO Creator modular set is released for everyone to enjoy. The LEGO Creator Expert Downtown Diner (10260) will be available starting January 1, and it was also previously announced that it will not have an early VIP access unlike previous larger sets. Coming in at 2,480 pieces and retailing for $169.99, the Downtown Diner is a welcomed addition, a breather if you will, to the modular series because of its unconventional and maverick design. Particularly, I appreciate the 1950s vibe of this set, with its large curve front window, outrageous Diner sign, and the pink, stylish convertible.

10260 1

However, most of you were also quick to notice that LEGO Designers seem to have taken a detour in coming up with the usual minifigures that traditionally goes along these modular sets. For the first time ever, LEGO decided to do away with the bland, generic minifigure expressions that are standard features among the minifigs in these sets, as you can see from previous sets below.

10255 Top 01
Collection of minifigures from the LEGO Creator Expert Assembly Square (10255).


10246 alt13
Minifigures from the LEGO Creator Expert Detective’s Office (10246).

Frankly, most fans of the theme were a bit unhappy with the move since it clearly deviates from what is expected from the modular sets. This difference becomes more obvious when you build this set alongside older ones, as you try to figure out how these newer minifigures will ‘blend’ with the old ones. It’s a rather perplexing moment, if not frustrating, to figure out how these new minifigs on the block will aesthetically go along with the older minifigures.

Just to be clear: I do prefer the changes that LEGO introduced with its line of minifigs for the Downtown Diner. The dual print minifig heads and the creative visualization of the various emotions that they try to represent has a vast potential for creative story-telling and imaginative play.  Check out some of these official images from the Downtown Diner (10260), and see how these minifigures seem to interact with each other to build up a story.

10260 Back 10
10260 Back 11
10260 Back 15

After almost 2 weeks since the announcement of the Diner, LEGO seems to have been quietly listening to fans’ comments about this new direction of minifigure designs. LEGO has been keeping tabs with the community and has recently released its official statement on the reasons behind the changes. Here’s what LEGO Designers have to say, courtesy of The Brick Fan.

Over the past 10 years our modular buildings have evolved in many ways. We’ve added more interior details, more story-telling and more emotional triggers such as unique decorations on windows & Minifigure torsos. We now feel the time is right to bring the Minifigure expression in line with all the amazing details now offered throughout our models. We have always loved the classic smiley face for its versatility and nostalgia value, but are now excited to explore the new possibilities expressive faces will offer us.

Clearly, LEGO is trying to innovate with the Downtown Diner (10260), and has now made known the direction that it will take for future modular sets. Now I know that most of us are still uneasy with these developments, and we just have to wait and see if these will eventually catch up with the fans of the theme.

What do you think brick fans? Are you happy with these changes? Do you agree with the LEGO designers on this one? Let your voice be heard in the comments below.

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  1. I think the changes are very positive. The new look of the diner and the minifig expressions as well as the increasing level of interior detail are all welcome.

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