2018 LEGO Catalogue Reveals Latest LEGO Elves Sets.

Though we still have a couple of weeks to go before the 2018 LEGO Catalogue is released in the US, LEGO fans in the Ukraine had an early glimpse of what we can expect from the said catalogue. They may not have the same prominence like those enjoyed by more popular themes such as City, Superheroes, or Star Wars, nevertheless LEGO Elves have produced some of the most visually stunning sets that I have ever seen. Now, thanks to the Ukrainian 2018 LEGO Catalogue (which you can download here), we now have a glimpse on the next magically colorful Elves sets that LEGO has to offer.

As of Brickset’s listing, we have five LEGO Elves sets slated for 2018, namely:

  • Emily Jones’ Eagle Escape (41190)
  • Naida and the Sea Turtle (41191)
  • Azari and the Capture of the Pound Lion (41192)
  • Aira and the Wind Song Dragon (41193)
  • The Noctura Tower and the Rescue of the Earth Fox (41194)

We still yet to see the official images for these abovementioned sets, but for the meantime, check out these sets as revealed in the 2018 LEGO Catalogue. These next wave of LEGO Elves sets are expected to be released in April.

scaled 2018 LEGO Catalogue Ukrainian 58

scaled 2018 LEGO Catalogue Ukrainian 59

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