Ukraine’s LEGO Catalog Reveals LEGO Star Wars Han Solo and LEGO Marvel Superheroes Avengers: Infinity War Logos and Much More!

A particular user via the Discord forum has shared what seems to be the latest LEGO Catalogue set to be released in the Ukraine. Now just to be clear before the LEGO cops comes crashing on our doorsteps, the LEGO December Store Calendar has specifically mentioned that LEGO fans in the US will start receiving the 2018 LEGO Catalogue beginning December 26. However it should also be noted that there are countries where LEGO opt to deliver these catalogues quite earlier, and naturally, fans may choose to share them online as well. Now with that out of the way, you may download the 2018 LEGO Catalogue right here. Of course, you may want to have your Google Translate app (or any translation app of your choice) ready if you want to have an idea on what these means from Ukrainian.

With that out of the way, you may want to check out some of these pages, the most noticeable for me, are those that gives us an idea on how the logo might look like in the next series of box arts for LEGO’s upcoming Star Wars and Marvel sets. We already saw the next MCU-inspired sets with the release of the official images of the LEGO Marvel Superheroes Black Panther sets. They are now listed for pre-order over at Amazon, slated to be released on January 1. Now the good part is, just after two months, we can expect the LEGO Marvel Superheroes Avengers: Infinity War sets to be out in the market by then, as suggested by this 1-page ad.

2018 LEGO Catalogue Ukrainian 75

A quick Google Translate says that sale or availability of the LEGO Marvel Avengers: Infinity War sets will be sometime in March. That being the case, then we can roughly assume that images of these sets will eventually pop up as early as February.

Another interesting page in this 2018 LEGO Catalogue from Ukraine is the mention of the next series of LEGO Star Wars sets based on the next Star Wars Anthology. We saw what LEGO has to offer with the LEGO Star Wars Rogue One sets, and this time, just after a month before the release of the Avengers: Infinity War sets, we will have the LEGO Star Wars Solo sets slated to be released in April. Do take note that the Ukrainian words mentioned in the image below roughly translates that LEGO sets based on the subtheme will be available in April, while mentioning Solo’s theatrical release on May 25.

2018 LEGO Catalogue Ukrainian 100

I know these pages don’t say much on what kind of sets we can expect from these two highly anticipated films. As of now, we can expect at least six sets under the LEGO Marvel Superheroes Avengers: Infinity War subtheme, while we can expect at least five for the LEGO Star Wars Solo sets. But considering the timing on how LEGO intends to reveal its most exciting sets to date, then we can expect a great deal of reveals once Spring break arrives.

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