2018 LEGO Disney Princess Accessory Packs (40307, 40388) Official Images Released.

A few months ago, LEGO introduced two accessory sets filled with unique pieces and elements that you can use to decorate your sprawling LEGO minifigure community. Released sometime in July, the LEGO City Build My City (40170) and LEGO Friends Heartlike City (40264) accessory sets are the first accessory packs that are offered less the minifigures, both retailing for $10 each.

This time around, LEGO seems to be expanding the subtheme by offering once again two additional accessory packs belong to the Disney Princess line. These sets are expected to be available sometime next month and are also expected to retail for $10 each. Check out these official images courtesy of Promo Bricks.

LEGO Disney Princess Accessory Set 1 (40307) – 115 pieces

40307 40307 2

LEGO Disney Princess Accessory Set 2 (40388) – 80 pieces

40388 alt1 40388 1

40388 alt2 40388 alt3 40388 alt4 40388 alt5 40388 alt6


I’m not a fan of the Disney Princess theme, but looking at the pieces included in these sets, especially those from set 40307, I must say that LEGO did not spare on adding intricate details on them. I couldn’t figure out exactly if they require stickers to add to those pieces, and it will be very nice indeed if these are actually printed ones. That clock face, in particular, is a pretty valuable and versatile piece that you can use to decorate your next City or Castle project.

These sets are also expected to be available across all LEGO brand stores and at shop.LEGO.com so we’ll keep you posted once we have more information on them.

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