2018 LEGO Ninjago Official Images Now Up – Features Season 8, Sons of Garmadon.

Brickset has updated their database to include several new images of LEGO Ninjago’s 2018 sets. It is bound to happen actually, with Season 5 of the Ninjago TV series announced already during this year’s San Diego Comic Con last July. It is basically a continuation of where the previous season, Hands of Time, left off. The sneak peek trailer featured during the SDCC panel featured a gang of Ninjago doppelgangers donned with kabuki masks that may prove to be equal rivals to our teen ninjas. To top it off, these copycats are also equipped with the same high tech weaponry and gear that may prove to be a handful. Little is known about the season’s plot except that the so called Sons of Garmadon will stop at nothing to revive Lord Garmadon from the Temple of Resurrection.

There is no confirmation yet on when the new Season 8 series of LEGO Ninjago will air, but we’ll update you as soon as new information comes in. For the mean time, check out these images.

Kai – Spinjitzu Master (70633)

70633 1


Katana VII (70638)

70638 1


Street Race of Snake Jaguar (70639)

70639 1


Sons of Garmadon Underground (70640)

70640 1


Ninja Nightcrawler (70641)

70641 1


Klow vs. Samurai X (70642)

70642 1

It looks like LEGO is fond of releasing rehashed sets nowadays. The ripcord powered spinners are an obvious shout out to LEGO’s previous Ninjago spinners, though looking at the Kai – Spinjitzu Master set, I am interested to have a closer look at that new minifigure design on Kai, and of the rest of the team. As per Brickset’s posting, each ninja will be having a new spinner of its own – Nya (70634), Jay (70635), Zane (70636), and Cole (70637). This upcoming theme also seems to give that need for speed vibe, with its emphasis on high speed vehicles and chase scenes.

Brickset has also listed several sets that are yet to be revealed. What interest me the most is the last set on the theme which is called The Temple of Resurrection (70643). Brickset tagged a rather curious element or character which is a baby. I assume that this will be the newer baby minifigure that has been recently introduced in LEGO City. But including it in a set where the supposed resurrection of Lord Garmadon will take place, well, it sounds a bit scary. Will Garmadon require a baby in order for him to be revived? I guess we just have to wait until LEGO Ninjago Season 8 officially airs next year.

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  1. Sorry this isn’t about the ninjago sets but a lot of people are saying that the new samurai is actually Pixal. I don’t think that is true because in season 7 when all the technological stuff disappeared Pixal should have been affected if she was inside the samurai suit. P.S. Zane in 70636 has his previous yellow face NOT his titanium face.

    1. And did you realize that the new Samurai X disappear either?
      Well right now it’s confirmed and she revealed herself in the show.

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