Save Mushroom Kingdom from the Clutches of the Custom LEGO Bowser MOC!

What’s better than a custom Super Mario and Yoshi MOC? Well, but of course – a custom Super Mario, Yoshi, AND a Bowser MOC! Yup, you heard it right, because just after Tyler’s latest super cool Mario MOC from Super Mario Odyssey, now comes the most iconic turtle baddie of all time – Bowser!

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To begin with, this custom LEGO Bowser is absolutely spot-on! I couldn’t overemphasize how this next brick-built creation from Tyler is so close to how we imagine Bowser to be. The scale and color combination is superb. Admittedly, it was quite a fun challenge for Tyler and in fact, it took him some time before he got Bowser just right. For example, if you look closely at Bowser’s head, you’ll see a lot of different angles and weird shapes. Coming up with Bowser’s shell is also kind of tough considering the relative difficulty of coming up with domed shapes using a combination of LEGO plates and pieces. Nevertheless, the result was all worth it.

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The level of detail that Tyler added to Bowser’s head is very impressive. He even added several hinge pieces for the mouth and jaw to make him look more menacing, plus on the lower jaw, you’ll see that Tyler added a sort of a movable lip to add more expression to Bowser’s already intimidating stare. The mouth completely opens and closes with his teeth and jaw on perfect alignment.

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As it turns out, Bowser’s shell is also removable and you can easily replace it with any color that you want. It is made of many LEGO panel pieces that are hinged on a central piece.

Untitled 7

Due to the sheer size and weight of this LEGO Bowser MOC, it is understandable that movement along its points of articulation may somehow be limited. Nevertheless, Tyler managed to add some play features that allow some minimal movement on its arms, hip and feet. Bowser’s fingers can also move and his hands can hold a weapon or two if you wish. I love how the hands turned out, with its menacing claws and joints.

Untitled 8

In case you’re wondering how this custom LEGO Bowser will fare with Tyler’s earlier rendition of Mario, well, here they are with both MOCs scaled just right.

Untitled 9

I would certainly want to see this iconic pair standing side by side on my LEGO workstation. Here’s Tyler with more about this LEGO Bowser custom build.

If you wish to add Bowser to your roster of brick-built Super Mario characters, then be sure to check out Build Better Bricks on how to come up with your own. While you’re at it, be sure to see Tyler’s building instructions on how to make your very own Mario from Super Mario Odyssey, and everyone’s favorite Nintendo dinosaur, Yoshi. Happy building!


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