2018 LEGO Star Wars Solo Sets Release Date Confirmed.

Earlier this month, Ukraine’s LEGO Catalog gave us a hint on when we can expect the next wave of LEGO Star Wars sets to be released, which are tie-ins to the next Star Wars anthology film, Solo: A Star Wars Story.  What we know so far is that this particular LEGO Star Wars theme has currently five sets slated to be released sometime in 2018, a month before the Solo: A Star Wars Story debuts on the big screen on May 25.

Thanks to Rebelscum, we now have a confirmation on when these next LEGO Star Wars sets will exactly rollout. Discovered in the English version of the LEGO Catalog, we have the release date listed by LEGO for the Star Wars Solo sets to be on April 20, 2018.

lego soloreleasedate

The news actually first broke out back in July when Brick Fanatics received insider information on the sets’ exact release dates. As it seems, their source is highly reliable. What we don’t know yet are the kind of sets that LEGO has in store for this subtheme. Several leaked images of LEGO Marvel Superheroes Infinity War minifigures have already been posted across various LEGO forums, so it will not take long until we have a hint on what LEGO has in store for Solo.


Thanks to Brick Fanatics once again for the tip.

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