LEGO Re-releases the Classic Blue Baseplate (10714) for 2018.

It seems that LEGO is not just re-releasing larger D2C sets, but also sought after accessories as well. LEGO has uploaded via its servers some official images of the once retired LEGO Blue Building Plate (620) from 2014. Now, this piece of news may not be that exciting for some of us, but for those who missed out on the Blue Building Plate (620), here is the chance to finally build that ocean scenery MOC that you’ve back-burned for quite some time. I know that a lot of serious builders will welcome this move of returning this beloved baseplate accessory, which is now rehashed as the 32×32 LEGO Classic Blue Baseplate (10714).

10714 alt1

10714 alt3

If you recall, the LEGO Blue Building Plate (620) had a quite shorter life span, being retired shortly after its relatively brief stint in 2014. Afterwards, newer baseplates were introduced in 2015 such as the 32×32 Sand (10699) and Green (10700) Baseplates, and the larger 48×48 Grey (10701) Baseplate, which are all available even until now. However, the Blue (620) Baseplate was retired earlier, in spite of its popularity among fans. The re-release of the LEGO Classic Blue Baseplate (10714) is a welcomed offering from LEGO, and will definitely be one of the most sought after accessories for any LEGO fan – kids and adults alike.

10714 alt2

We have no exact retail amount yet, but given the current cost of the Sand and Green Baseplates, it will not be a long shot to consider a price point of $7 to $8, and a release date of sometime in January alongside other 2018 sets.

Thanks to the Brick Fan for the heads up.


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