How “The LEGO Batman Movie” Was Made to Sound Really Good.

It just goes to show how powerful and popular The LEGO Batman Movie is when, despite having premiered way early in the year that’s gone by, it still continues to enjoy a steady stream of new LEGO products in its own dedicated thematic line: minifigures, play sets and polybags galore.

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Seeing as there are some new LEGO Batman stuffs to collect this 2018 now seems like a good time to have a look back at the movie that started it all. A spinoff of 2014’s The LEGO Movie, LEGO Batman built up its own following; Rotten Tomatoes rated it 91%.

One of the main draws of  the film, according to critics, was the 3D CGI animated film’s impressive sound design. Musical soundtrack aside, The LEGO Batman Movie was audibly brilliant with some impressive sound effects courtesy of the Warner Animation Group’s expert sound designers.

The secret to the film’s awesome audio according to supervising sound editor and designer Wayne Pashley, was the choice to treat the production like it were a live-action film. Real sounds were sampled, such as the ground and flight modes of the Batwing being from a jet engine and F-1 car.

But LEGO Batman also involves LEGO constructs in action (and crashing together), and that level of “realistic sounds” applies to the brick and minifigures too. Pashley noted that they recorded “Lego, Duplo and many other plastic props, all varying weights, utilizing the plastic world to enhance the comedy when required.”

Collectors looking for the latest LEGO Batman sets can certainly appreciate the big-budget film treatment that director Chris McKay tendered to the source material of their favorite LEGO items. Surely when building and playing with their latest acquisitions, they’ll hear the film sounds in their heads.

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