LEGO Will Not Be Around During This Year’s London Toy Fair.

LEGO is one of the most recognizable toy brand names in the world, and arguably one of the first to come up in the mind of a young child. Its prominent place in the pantheon of branded children’s playthings means it has a place of honor at international toy fairs.

One of these annual events is the London Toy Fair, happening at the Olympia in Kensington next week, from January 23 to 25. In years past, LEGO hasn’t failed to make a showing at London; and their exhibits are a surefire way to showcase what’s coming up next this summer.

Bad news for brick fans at the 2018 London Toy Fair, though. According to the official website’s list of exhibitors, LEGO is going to be a no-show when the event kicks off later this January. They’ve never been absent from this toy fair for so long, it feels like a first.


Speculation is ongoing now as to why LEGO is sitting out of the London Toy Fair for this year. One possible reason perhaps is that The LEGO Group doesn’t have time this early in 2018 to make an appearance, as they’re still focused on rebounding from a mediocre 2017 fiscal year.

All isn’t quite lost for LEGO fans however, though British builders might have to consider making travel plans. If The LEGO Group has written off the London Toy Fair, then there’s still a chance that they might grace the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany. Said event will happen next week.

Failing that, there’s next February and the New York Toy Fair to look forward to. There’s no way LEGO would be skipping that one for sure. It’s the likeliest time when the summer sets are going to make their public debut. Let’s wait and see.

Author: Albert Balanza

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