LEGO Unikitty Sets Confirmed – Five Rumored Sets Named.

Since LEGO’s confirmation of the upcoming, standalone LEGO Unikitty theme during the recently concluded New York Toy Fair, information was quick to surface on what these sets may actually be. The announcement about this next LEGO sets even came a day earlier when LEGO gave its official press release on what fans can expect before the New York Toy Fair began last Saturday. According to the announcement,

LEGO Unikitty!™, based on the famous unicorn cat princess from the Warner Bros. film, The LEGO Movie, now has her own animated series, Unikitty!™, produced by Warner Bros. Animation and currently airing on Cartoon Network featuring Princess Unikitty and her brother Prince Puppycorn™. Five new building sets and a series of collectibles launch in August, enabling kids to recreate favorite stories or imagine and build new ones.


In fact, Brick Show Brian gave an even earlier report regarding the set numbers of these five new LEGO Unikitty sets, though we still don’t have any information on their names or set image, or piece count. However, this time around, Brickset has updated its database once more to include the names of these five new LEGO Unkitty sets.

Cloud Car (41451) – £12.50

Puppycorn Trike (41452) – £12.50

Unikitty Party (41453) – £29.50

Dr. Fox’s Lab (41454) – £34.00

Unikitty Bucket (41455) – £39.00

Images of these sets were not shown during the NYTF, so we just have to wait until August when the sets are released. There is also a rumored Unikitty collectible minifigures series that will be released alongside these five LEGO sets. So, if you’re a fan of the titular unicorn feline, then you still have plenty of time to save up.

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