UK’s LEGOLAND Windsor Gets Brick Empire State Building in Miniland Area

It’s been some time since we last reported on the construction of a large outdoor structure built with LEGO bricks. These impressive projects have run the gamut from projects by private groups to honor The LEGO Group, to structures built by LEGO itself usually as a promotion for the company.

Now, LEGO is building a new brick structure. This one however will be serving as an official attraction for one of their theme parks, namely LEGOLAND Windsor Resort. And it’s also a scale brick replica of a real skyscraper building; that is New York City’s very own Empire State Building.

This LEGO Empire State Building will be one of the features to a new in-zone expansion of LEGOLAND Windsor Resort’s Miniland area. Said expansion is a mini-USA display of the usual iconic American landmarks. As seen in the photos, there’s a Golden Gate Bridge and possibly a Times Square building.

LegolandEmpireState 6 212x300 LegolandEmpireState 9 215x300

Said Empire State Building is made up of 71,040 LEGO bricks and stands at 4.4 meters tall. Small it may be in comparison to the LEGO tower built in Tel Aviv this early January,  but it still took LEGOLAND’s model making team some 700 hours to put it all together.

LegolandEmpireState 7 202x300

Other famous US structures that would be included in Miniland’s US expansion are the Statue of Liberty, Chicago’s Cloud Gate, a portion of the Route 66 highway and even Area 51. In addition, some other world buildings are being planned for replication like the Taj Mahal and Beijing’s Forbidden City.

Aside from the building work done at their Miniland zone, LEGOLAND Windsor will soon open LEGO Reef this year, a digital water environment where guests can assemble CGI LEGO fish and have them swim in the virtual waters. For more info and ticket booking inquiries, visit their official website here.

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