LEGO Marvel Superheroes The Guardians’ Ship (30525) Polybag Revealed.

Since the official unveiling of all six, incredibly exciting LEGO Marvel Superheroes Infinity War sets last week, it looks like LEGO is throwing a bonus set in the form of a polybag. Brickset’s database has been updated to include what looks like an actual image, found in the wild, of the polybag version of the newer Milano(?) as it is to be seen in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War film. The LEGO Marvel Superheroes The Guardians’ Ship (30525) polybag is a scaled-down version of the larger orange and gray ship as seen in the Thanos Ultimate Battle (76107) set.

30525 1

This polybag comes in at 69 pieces and is expected to arrive at Target stores on March 1. There is no mention of any price as of the moment, other than an eBay listing that sells them at $10. It is interesting to note that though it seems that this is the second polybag version of the iconic Milano, I couldn’t help but wonder why LEGO opted to call it as the Guardians’ Ship rather than referring to it directly by its name. In fact, our first polybag version of the Guardians’ preferred spacecraft is simply named as the Milano (30449) – coming in at 64 pieces. It makes me wonder: will the original Milano, as we last saw it from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, will be utterly replaced in Infinity War? Does it mean that the Milano will be meeting an untimely demise through the course of the film? Well, these are just my speculations, and all of these will be answered in due time when Avengers: Infinity Wars arrive in theaters on May 4.

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  1. The Milano was destroyed in Guardians Vol. 2……….I’m pretty sure this is a different ship, though honestly I think the differences are more obvious in this polybag more than the actual set.

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