New LEGO Star Wars: Star Destroyer Keychain Coming Soon.

One of LEGO’s most sought-after offshoot products of their brick and minifigure sets are their decorative keychains. Though their usual offerings consist of minifigure keychains, LEGO has always been for trying new things, and this latest Star Wars-themed keychain is a nice addition.

For their first non-minifig ornament since 2012’s Battle of Hoth Dice (6012306) for a Star Wars-branded keychain, LEGO is now set to impress with a micro-scale Imperial Star Destroyer. The build is mostly made up of gray pieces with touches of blue for its engines, and fairly replicates the features if not the exact proportions. The chain is connected from atop the bridge.

This is a nice change of pace for collectors of LEGO Star Wars keychains, which have been for the past years were dominated by either minifigures of key franchise characters or droids. The micro-Star Destroyer keychain is rather bulky in appearance, but at the same time there’s a reduced risk of losing something as conspicuous.

Seeing that it is an actual build, rather than a minifigure with secured pieces, the Star Destroyer keychain has less than 20 LEGO pieces glued together in place so at least they won’t fall apart from rough use. No release date was given for the LEGO Star Wars Star Destroyer keychain, as this info was shared online just moments ago, courtesy of

It can be hoped that this new LEGO Star Wars keychain will be the first of many more brick-built vehicle variants in the near future. We saw this trend way back in 2007 and 2008, when LEGO opted to release microscaled versions of the Millennium Falcon, Y-wing, and Slave I as bag charms or keychains to name a few, so we hope to see these again as a revival of sorts.  This is exciting news for Star Wars hobbyists in addition to the Solo tie-in sets coming out a month before the movie itself premieres.

Thanks to Brian Carlstrom for the additional info on previous LEGO Star Wars keychains.

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