Blocks Magazine Issue 46 Features Kessel Run Millennium Falcon and Other LEGO Star Wars Solo Sets

As you already know, Disney Lucasfilm’s second Star Wars Story spinoff Solo ended up a major flop in the box office after the promising performance of its predecessor Rogue One. Some say it was affected by bad fan reactions to The Last Jedi. Be that as it may, the movie still boasted magnificent machines that have made its way to become official LEGO sets. And these sets are the focus of the latest Blocks Magazine Issue 46, marked for August 2018 but available earlier as is the fashion. For their August issue, the centerpiece feature of the month is the LEGO Star Wars Kessel Run Millennium Falcon (75212). This and several other Solo tie-ins will go before the Blocks crew who will tell readers which are worth the buy, and which ones are better off forgotten.

In addition, Blocks Magazine Issue 46 also features an interview with some of the designers behind these latest LEGO Star Wars sets for an inside look on how the Solo LEGO sets were conceptualized, including the famed Kessel Run Falcon. Here’s what Blocks Magazine has to say about their latest issue.

Blocks Magazine Issue 46

Can you have too many Millennium Falcons? Of course you can’t, so this month we welcome the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon to planet Blocks, accompanied by the fleet of Star Wars sets that hit the shops at the same time. We don’t just review the sets, though – we also talk to the designers behind the new wave for the inside story.

We’ve recently been to LEGO headquarters and heard a lot about the direction the LEGO Group’s heading, and it looks like we’ve got some exciting times ahead. But learning from history is also important and that’s what Daniel Konstanski does this month as he explores the LEGO family tree. Do you remember Aquazone? He does, and there’s a lesson under the waves.

Of course, we’ve also got the regular features about technique, buying, showcasing and much more, so enjoy the August issue and don’t forget to get in touch, especially if you’ve been building.

Other feature articles on on Blocks Magazine Issue 46 include their analysis of the LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster (10261), a look back on LEGO Aquazone from the ’90s, tips on creating micro-scale vegetation, and an update on their ongoing recreation of the Rope Bridge setting from The LEGO Ninjago Movie.

Blocks Magazine Issue 46 is now available for online subscription, and for more information, be sure to visit their official website right here.

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